Bret Hart Update, More on Crowd Reax, WWE Office Spin

We reported earlier that Bret Hart was in Toronto on Sunday, which led to speculation that he could be meeting with WWE or appearing at Summerslam or Raw. However, according to Dave Meltzer, Bret was in the area for a CBC project and it had nothing to do with WWE.

Obviously the crowd reactions are the big news coming out of Summerslam, with guys like Edge, JBL and Undertaker upset backstage about how the crowd was reacting. Edge was booed in his hometown, and the crowd seemed to most support Randy Orton and HHH, the heels.

It is said that the support of HHH is being interpreted more as the crowd turning on Eugene, but there is no explanation for the “Benoit Sucks” chant. JBL and Taker in particular are upset with the crowd for apparently rejecting them entirely.

WWE officials are saying that they believe the fans were there to see crazy spots and surprises, and since the product had been toned down, they turned on it.

Credit: Dave Meltzer,