WWE Various Tidbits


Today’s Stamford Advocate has an article about WWE employee Marcin Makulskim who was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday. He was 31 and an artist for the company. The article can be read HERE.

The Inside Out special on VH1 that featured Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke will air today at 4PM.

Comedy Central will air The Rock’s 2004 appearance on the Conan O’Brien at 6 PM.

Bret Hart’s 1999 appearance on Mad TV will air this Saturday, August 21st at 9AM and repeat at 4PM on Comedy Central.

The Rock will be part of a movie called “Far Cry”, which is scheduled for a 2006 release. Rock has the lead role, Jack Carver. Here’s the plot summary:

An adaptation of the first-person-shooter video game where Jack Carver, a retired ocean patrol cop who now transports people and cargo to various islands, goes through hell when his boat blows up off the coast of an uncharted Micronesian island. His goal is to simply survive and to rescue a female reporter who had tagged along on the trip but was kidnapped by mercenaries who protect a laboratory hidden somewhere on the island.”

Credit: Dave Scherer, PWInsider.com