[spoilers] WWE Velocity Taping Results



(1) Heidenreich beat Funaki.: Heidenreich looked sloppy. Funaki got a surprisingly decent pop but Heidenreich wouldn’t sell for him. Heidenreich ended it at about the 3 minute mark with a sidewalk slam

(2) Booker T beat Shannon Moore. Big pop for Booker T in this match. Booker opened with a variety of kicks. Moore took control and tried to end it with a twist of fate, which he of course missed. Booker ended it with a bookend at about the 4 minute mark.

(3) Mark Jindrak beat Mabel Starr (sp?) There was very little reaction to this match. Both had little offensive moves beyond your standard punches and kicks. Jindrak thankfully ended the pain with a decent looking back suplex which he turned into a sidewalk slam

(4) Charlee Haas beat Akio Both received a decent pop. Akio was surprisingly sloppy looking throughout. He worked Haas leg and eventually took Haas down with a good looking missile drop kick from the top rope. Haas kicked out and won the match with a turn around cross body off of the top rope.

(5) Billy “Ass Man” Gunn beat Doug Basham (w/Danny Basham). Gunn didn’t get the pop he seems to get in some house shows. Gunn goes on the offensive leading to the proverbial Basham switch. The biggest pop for the Velocity show came with a head on collision which of course led to the dramatic 8 count. Gunn finished off with A.J. Styles’s “Styles Clash” after a second attempt at a switch between the twins.

Credit: Joel Bates, PWTorch.com