Eddie Guerrero Gets Angry At House Show Fans

Pat Harris who was at the Hamilton Smackdown tapings last night has an interesting report of what happened with Eddie Guerrero. He writes:

During the Guerrero interview at last night’s Smackdown tapings, Eddie was getting some jeers from a couple young kids a few seats down (may have been Chimmel’s fans). Nothing too offensive, just typical “You Suck Eddie” etc. After the interview Eddie eyed them down and held the ropes open for them to enter the ring. After the main event, Eddie was getting my ringside jeers (again, nothing terribly offensive) and he came over to those young kids again and started saying things like “who wants to be a man?” almost overly aggressive and challenging someone to try something. I have to say I was a little disappointed in that. I admire Eddie’s ability in the ring immensely, but I thought that was a little low. If we were a heel, I’d probably rationalize it as a heel tactic; however, he is a face and a very over one at that. Eddie by the way I want to be a man and I know a man wouldn’t let something so insignificant phase him. I originally had 12th row floor, but when my friend and I asked where our seats were we were informed that we had been relocated… to the front row. So this definitely made things that much better. Heidenreich just doesn’t seem to have much ring psychology yet. It’s too bad they’re bringing him back to TV so soon. At one point these guys had a huge banner with Heindenreich’s name in red on it. They moved behind Michael Cole and Tazz as the camera was on the announcers. I wonder if these guys were plants. The diva t-shirt bazooka wasn’t working quite well. Torrie walked over and told/asked this younger 16ish girl behind us to put it on. I don’t know if she meant for her to take off the top she was already wearing to put the new one on, but she did. Ring announcer Tony Chimmel had his own fan club with two young males who constantly professed their love for him.

Credit: Wade Keller, PWTorch.com