Dreamwave News Update

Dreamwave has provided the Nexus with a sneak peek at the latest issue of their Transformers: Generation One ongoing title, which is due out next week. Check out the cover and the 4-page preview at the links down below as the G1 creative team introduces none other than Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback â?? the deadly Insecticons â?? to the title!


Written by: James McDonough & Adam Patyk
Pencils by: Don Figueroa
Inked by: Elaine To
Colored by: Espen Grundetjern

Looks like itâ??s time to call the exterminator! Things get a bit buggy for JAZZ and company when they find themselves tackling their most gruesome foes yet: the power-hungry INSECTICONS. But these vile beings arenâ??t concerned about gobbling up territory, wealth, or even ENERGON for that matter. They hunger for something moreâ?¦much more!

In stores next week on August 25, 2004!

FC, 32pg, $2.95, monthly