Kurt Angle Told To Slow Down & Note On Possible Signing


Because of Kurt Angle’s dominating personality, management is having to be hands on and persistent in making sure he doesn’t overextend himself in his matches. They do not want to lose him to injury at a time when their top stars are so scarce. This is why his match with Guerrero at Summerslam was so mat-oriented. Many Ring of Honor matches prove that there are ways to make a mat-based style as innovative, dramatic, and enthralling as any highspot-oriented match, and the WWE is trying to adopt this. As reported previously, Angle is pushing for a high-profile feud with the Undertaker to take place over the next several months.

Mike the Miz is telling friends that WWE officials have contacted him. Mike was on MTV’s “Real World: New York” and has also appeared in several of the Extreme Challenge spin-offs. He’s also done some work for UPW in California, and made his love of wrestling well known while on camera.

Credit: Wade Keller & Jason Powell, PWTorch Newsletter