Goldberg Rips WWE For His ‘Moronic’ Push, Praises Lesnar

Bill Goldberg has no interest in returning to World Wrestling Entertainment and wasn’t happy with the way WWE creative tried to utilize his persona. This is according to an article about the former WCW World champion that runs this week in Alex Marvez’ syndicated wrestling column.

“I think the way they handled my character was moronic,” Goldberg told Marvez. “Any businessman who has business first and foremost on his mind wouldn’t have done what they did … People didn’t want to see Goldberg have emotions or laugh. They wanted to see him rip people’s heads off.”

Goldberg was also critical of wrestling fans’ reactions to Brock Lesnar leaving WWE for the NFL, noting the “You sold out” chants during Wrestlemania XX in their main event match.

“I felt really bad for the guy because he made a decision and stood up for what he believed. He wanted to fulfill a dream. Instead of being behind him 100 percent, the fans resented it.”

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Credit: Mike Johnson,