TNA News: Jeff Hardy/Sabu Separated, La Parka & Scott D’Amore Updates


Jeff Hardy and Sabu stayed in separate hotels last week at the TNA events. There was some talk in the locker room that the office tried to keep them apart because they like to party together after the shows. Although they did party together on Wednesday, both ended up being late on Thursday. Hardy had been showing up on time for the most part, although he did make the bus wait for him two weeks ago in Orlando.

Kid has had been making The Naturals the latest targets of his rookie hazing, leading to major heat between them. The Naturals are trying to fix the problem.

LaPark is the LaParka who wrestled in WCW, but he can no longer use the name because of a copyright lawsuit filed by Antonio Pena (AAA Promoter). There is actually a second wrestler who works as LaParka for AAA now (since they own the character name).

Scott D’Amore is rubbing some of the wrestlers the wrong way. He is accused of trying to be everyone’s friend, but then acts like he doesn’t know anything when the subject of management comes up. The TNA wrestlers say he can’t have it both ways and can’t befriend them while buddying up to management at the same time. These wrestlers say they would prefer if D’Amore simply told them he couldn’t discuss certain things instead of pretending that he doesn’t know. Others say D’Amore’s frustration is genuine in that he has been completely shut out of the inner-circle, being replaced essentially by Jeremy Borash at booking meetings.

Credit: Wade Keller & Jason Powell, PWTorch Newsletter