[spoilers] NWA:TNA Impact Results


Ines Montes had the following report from NWA:TNA’s Impact taping at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida:

Dark Segments:

– Jimmy Hart came to the ring and welcomed everyone to the show, running down a list of names in attendance for the taping. He also plugged a survey they were handing out to fans as they entered the taping, noting they would be pulling them and giving away prizes to those they picked.

– Chris Sabin & Sonny Siaki defeated Team Canada’s Bobby Rude & Lex Lovett


– Christopher Daniels & Primetime defeated NWA Tag Team champions The Naturals in a non-title bout.


They played a video package promoting Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett on 9/8.

– NWA champion Jeff Jarrett pinned Pat Kenney with the stroke in about a minute. He started to cut a promo on Hardy but was attacked by Kenney from behind. They brawled, leading to Jarrett laying him out with the guitar.

– Kid Kash & Dallas beat Jerelle Clark & Mikey Batts.

– Petey Williams defeated a local wrestler. Williams, Scott D’Amore, and Bobby Rude beat him down until Konnan, Dusty Rhodes, and BG Jammes made the save.

– Shane Douglas interviewed Vince Russo backstage. Russo said that he was going to make a decision about Dusty Rhodes on the PPV this Wednesday. Scott D’Amore ranted at Russo that he wants it taken care of right now, but Russo said he would make a decision on Wednesday.

– America’s Most Wanted defeated Abyss & Alex Shelley. Abyss accidentally hit Shelley when Chris Harris moved out of the way. Harris speared Shelley for the pin. Abyss started choking Shelley while Goldilocks tried to pull him off.

They aired a video package on Monty Brown.

– Monty Brown defeated Dimitris with the Pounce.

– Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the PPV this Wednesday. Matches announced were:

– Michael Shane & Kazarian vs. Psicosis & L.A. Park
– Triple X vs. America’s Most Wanted to determine the top contenders for the NWA Tag Team championship
– Dusty Rhodes & Konnan & BG Jammes vs. Team Canada
– Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles & Ron Killings vs. Monty Brown & Kid Kash & Dallas

As Tenay and West announced the six man tag, Scott D’Amore and Team Canada came out with D’Amore complaining about Dusty. Vince Russo came out. It ended up with Dusty, Konnan, and Jammes coming to the ring. Dusty attacked D’Amore.

– Larry Zbyszko was the guest for the “Six Points of Impact!” segment with Jeff Hammond. When asked about Dusty Rhodes, Zbyszko said he had a bad ego and wasn’t a good booker.

– AJ Styles & Ron Killings & Jeff Hardy defeated Kazarian & Shane & Jason Cross when Hardy pinned Cross with a Swanton.

After the taping went off the air, the babyfaces laid out Kazarian and Shane with their finishers. Tracy Brooks helped up Kazarian and Shane, who began mocking the crowd.

Jeremy Borash announced the winners of the raffle for those who turned in the survey. The ring girls tossed out signed T-shirts to the crowd. They invited the fans to attend an afterparty event with the wrestlers as well.

Credit: Ines Montes/Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com