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A number of members of the board from TNA’s financial backers, Panda Energy, were at the Impact! tapings last night in Orlando. They apparently were quite a distraction as everyone was aware of their presence. The board’s appearance apparently “distracted” the staff backstage as several workers called it probably the “least organized” taping from a technically.

The local wrestler who worked against Petey Williams last night was Eddie Villa aka Fast Eddie from the Texas Wrestling Academy. He’s done matches for MLW, ROH, and NWA Wildside in the past. Monty Brown’s opponent Dimitris works NWA Wildside as Murder One.

Former WWE star Mideon was backstage visiting at Impact! as well.

The word going around yesterday among the wrestlers was that TNA is working on adding four house shows a month to their schedule to balance out the montly PPV’s. One plan was to field out the workers to independent shows in markets TNA runs (Nashville, Florida) with TNA picking up the expenses.

Plans are also underway to turn Xplosion into less of an “enhancement” show like WWE Afterburn, and utilize more competitive matches to insure that everyone gets a regular booking at the Impact! taping. There is fear among the wrestlers that some of them will be dropped so the promotion can cut costs by using those based out of the Florida area.

Credit: Mike Johnson,