WWE News: Smackdown Rating, Pro Wrestling In College, Chyna Interview


Last night’s edition of Smackdown did a 3.5 overnight broadcast rating, with a 5 share, according to Nielsen Media Research. Some Florida markets are missing. The final number should be available today.

ESPN Magazine’s Spin column featured an article about schools and Penn State continues to advertise its pro-wrestling course (which has been offered at the school for the past four years). Here is the quote from the article:

Penn State University: PSU 003: First Year Seminar-Professional Wrestling Industry 101: 1 Credit

“Seminar facilitates student’s adjustment to college life. Topics range from Gorgeous George to the National Wrestling Alliance to Vince McMahon’s attempt to nationalize the wrestling industry. Text is Captain Lou Albano’s [The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Professional Wrestling]. Homework includes watching Raw on Monday nights and making weekly visits to various wrestling websites.

Instructor David Parry: “An introduction to college life ought to mean studying something useful. That’s why I teach pro wrestling.”

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer recently did an odd 20-minute interview with “Get In The Ring Radio.” She talks for the first time about why her NWA TNA deal fell through. To access the interview, please CLICK HERE.

Credit: Dave Scherer, PWInsider.com