WWE Breaks Their Own Rule: Wrestler To Appear On RAW & Smackdown


This weekend a wrestler will do break the WWE’s own rule of keeping the brand extension separate and wrestle on both a Smackdown brand and Raw brand television program.

Wavell Starr, a Canadian independent worker who has wrestled in Ohio Valley Wrestling (and used the name ‘Standing Thunder’) is the man who will do it. Starr will appear on both Velocity (a Smackdown show) and Heat (a Raw show) this weekend.

According to the official Velocity preview on WWE.com “Mark Jindrak will take on Wavell Starr” and on the Heat preview it states “Tough Enough Champion Maven will be in action.” Maven fought Starr at the last Heat taping.

It will be interesting to see if WWE gives Wavell a different name for his Heat appearance, or if they actually acknowledge that he is wrestling for “both brands.” It is not expected that many casual fans will notice.

While it isn’t unusual for wrestlers to appear on Raw and Smackdown cards in dark matches the same week, it is very rare for them to appear in television matches on separate brands that will air the same weekend.

Credit: Buck Woodward, PWInsider.com