John Cena Item ‘Sucks’, Rock Receives Highest Samoan Honor

If you go to the WWE Shopzone website and browse the John Cena merchandise section, there’s a new product that is listed as “John Cena Word Life Foam Sucks” as opposed to “John Cena Word Life Foam Knucks”. The item can be seen in the new release section, John Cena’s merchandise section or by typing in product number 06033.

The item can be seen here and as of 5:08 PM Eastern, it still had not been corrected.

Former WWE champion The Rock was crowned a high chief last week in Samoa while paying a visit to the Pacific Island. The Rock’s mother is originally from Samoa, and he was given the title of son of Malietoa, by his Highness Malietoa Tanumafili II.

An article on the World Entertainment Newswire quoted the Rock as saying, “I’ve never cried so much. It was a life-changing moment. It’s way deeper than an honorary title – it’s blood.”

The High Chief title is a ceremonial title of great honor, which has been bestowed on other atheletes, including football players and Rock’s maternal grandfather, Peter Maivia, in the past. It is to recognize The Rock’s contributions to the Samoan society.

Credit: David Anderson/Mike Johnson,