More On Brock Lesnar Hazing Incident


The Detroit News reported about Brock Lesnar’s hazing earlier this week. The article reads:

Brock Lesnar, a 26-year-old pro wrestler who is trying to win a job at defensive tackle with the Vikings, should have known his teammates were playing for real when they approached him on the last day of camp. He was in for some rookie hazing. “When all the guys were hanging around, I kind of caught onto it,” Lesnar said. Lesnar tried to run, but he was caught and tackled. His ankles were taped together. Randy Moss dumped water on him. Guard Chris Liwienski sat on his stomach. Kelly Campbell, a 170-pound receiver, jumped on Lesnar, who is 290 pounds, and counted to three as he pretended to pin him. Lesnar took it in good humor. “I knew it was coming one of these days,” he said…

The entire article can be read HERE.

Credit: Wade Keller,