Fire Planned For Kane/Lita Wedding & Other WWE Notes


WWE plans to have a lot of fire spots used during the Kane-Lita wedding segment on Monday night at Raw.

The new WWE 2005 calendar is available. There are four wrestlers pictured on the cover. They are: The Rock, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg and Triple H. Only one of the wrestlers is currently active in the company. The calendar can be seen HERE.

The John Cena item that was misprinted on the WWE website and reported on yesterday, has now been corrected.

The updated card for Smackdown’s “Return Of The Deadman Tour” has been posted. The interesting note is that the 3rd match between John Cena and Booker T will be on the 8/27 show from Sydney.

The Smackdown workers leave for Australia after taping TV on Tuesday. They apparently fly out on Wednesday, making this a long tour for the workers.

Credit: Dave Scherer,