Olympic Coverage 8/21: Post-Gymnastics Fallout!

Many were calling Paul Hamm’s win the greatest comeback in sports; equvialent to that of a six touchdown 4th quarter. It may have been too good to be true as the International Gymnastics Federation ruled Saturday that Yang Tae-Young was unfairly docked a tenth of a point in the all-around final, costing him the gold medal that ended up going to Hamm. The South Korean got the bronze instead. So, now Hamm’s comeback is equivalent to a six touchdown fourth quarter comeback in which the referee gave the other team only 5 points for their touchdowns. The IGF claim no “shannigans” were involved and it was simply a technical error done by three different judges all whom are now suspended.

Meanwhile, The Russian Diva Khorkina-the self dubbed “Queen of Gymastics” whom placed second next to new Golden Girl Carly Peterson, was at her best afterwards. She was the only gymnast on the floor not to congragulate Peterson and instead waived the Russian Flag and blew seductive and somewhat creepy kisses to the crowd. At the medal ceremony, she did not even glance at Carly. Not Once! Which is quite incredible; you know when you want to look at something but tell yourself not to yet you do anyway. She withstood it.

In an interview, she kept referring herself as “Still an Olympic champion” and said, “I would personally like to thank all the fans here in Greece. They were amazing. If the judges were Greek, I would have no difficulty winning the gold medal. They are the ones who are going to have to live with their conscience.” Peterson’s coach when told about these comments waived his arms as to mock Khorkina’s showmanship and stated, “You have to tip your hat to her. She’s 25 and she’s starving herself to death, puking her guts out, whatever it is she’s doing.”

Thanks to Tom D for that last quote.