House Show Results: Raw 8/21 & Smackdown 8/21

8/21 RAW Results
Fargo, ND
Report By: MF Todd

Hey just got back from the house show in Fargo, ND.

Awesome show! Pretty much the same card as Bismarck, except that they did Rhyno and Tajiri vs. Chuck Palumbo and Mike Bucci (Bucci was hilarious as the exercise guy). Rhyno and Tajiri scored the win with the Gore!

Maven beat Val Venis.

Rosey lost to Rodney Mack, with Jazz.

William Regal and Eugene lost to La Resistance when Eugene got hung up in the ropes.

Chris Jericho vs. Edge was great. Edge got the win.

Trish vs. Victoria was good. Trish got the win.

Tyson Tomko got beat pretty bad by Shelton Benjamin.

The main event was Chris Benoit and Randy Orton vs. Triple H and Batista. Orton scored the win with an RKO on Triple H!

All in all a great time, and my friends and I were all glad we opted to spend our money on WWE rather than Ozzfest. Go to a house show! You wont be sorry!!!


8/21 Smackdown Results
San Diego, CA
Report By: Kevin P. Jones

I just returned from the SD! House Show at the San Diego Sprts Arena. I don’t remember a lot of the early match details, maybe someone else will send them in, but here are the end results:

Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn beat Jamie Noble & Chavo Guerrero. Lots of holds and “Chavo sucks” chants.

Johnny Stamboli beat Mark Jindrak.

JBL and Orlando Jordan came out to talk about the match with John Cena. JBL continued to complain about his pain and massive headache, stating that he was unable to wrestle and put his title on the line to Cena. Enter GM Teddy Long. He decided that given JBL’s condition, he was indeed unable to wrestle. Instead, he set up a match between Chief of Staff Jordan and Cena. Here’s the catch: not only will it be a No DQ match (more on that later), but it would be for the WWE Championship. Fun!

After the Champ and his COS left in a huff, it was Paul Heyman’s turn. He came out to hype up the return of Heidenreich. A fan in the front row was getting on his nerves and Paul threatened to get out of the ring and beat him down, and when he was done the fan would be “as useless as a woman from San Diego.” By the way, both JBL and Paul decided to play up the race card and “insult” the predominantly Hispanic audience. Go figure. Anyway, good old Scotty 2 Hotty came out to defend the relatively harmless fan. Scotty said the San Diego crowd didn’t come to listen to Paul run his arrogant mouth and threatened to take out Paul himself, however…

Heidenreich beat Scotty 2 Hotty. That’s right, the blonde haired monster has returned to torture us once more. Naturally, Scotty was there to job in order to put Heidenreich over, and did a pretty decent job doing so. A lot of power and submission moves used by Heidenreich, but Scotty held his own. He almost got the Worm on but was interrupted by Paul Heyman. The end came when Heidenreich put Scotty in a sleeper and Scotty passed out.

Rene Dupree beat Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie). I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on in the ring due to the beautiful Jackie constantly bouncing around the outside of the ring. What I did catch of the match was pretty decent.

Eddie Guerrero beat Kurt Angle. Long powerful match. Lots of nearfalls and at times it looked like Kurt was going to win, but Eddie outsmarted him and got a clean pin.

After the match, Eddie celebrated with the crowd near the entrance while Kurt moped in the ring and told off the crowd. Eddie made his way back to the ring and after a minute of arguing, he KO’d Kurt and left.

After angle disappeared, the Divas came out with the shirt gun and Jackie pumped some to the crowd. Nice pop for the girls.


Rob Van Dam beat Luther Reigns. Good match. While the Big Ugly Monkee tried to overpower “Mr. Thursday Night”, RVD tried to simply out wrestle Reigns and still pull off the highflying maneuvers.

Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and Paul London beat The Brothers Dudley. Pretty much a rematch of SummerSlam, but a lot more exciting from what I have heard about SummerSlam. The faces, mostly Paul London, got worked over pretty good. Mysterio’s team did make a comeback at one point. On a funny note, at the peak of their comeback, each of the faces stood on a separate corner and the three of them did a ten punch to their respective Dudley simultaneously. One other note: for the third time in the night, Bubba played the race card on Rey. While working over one of the Tag Team champs, he looked right a Mysterio and said, “What do you think of that, you little Mexican?!” Very exciting match, and the hometown boy Mysterio got a huge pop.

Orlando Jordan beat John Cena. Like I said before, this match was made by Teddy Long earlier in the night. Hmm, a No DQ match for the WWE Championship at a House Show…who did you expect to win. John did put on a great match against JBL’s COS. Of course, JBL being his usual crafty self in this situation did everything possible to make sure Jordan won. Everything meaning taking off a top turnbuckle and hiding the rope in his pocket, bringing the ringside bell to the ring and having the ref take it back so he could slip the rope to Jordan, and even pulling the ref away while he was doing a potential 3-count for Cena. I must say, as much as I hate JBL, he does make a pretty amusing heel. The end came when John “accidentaly” whipped Orlando into the ref. JBL then distracted John while Jordan got Cena’s chain and clocked John with it. 1-2-3, end of match.

Afterwards, Rey Mysterio came back out and made like he was going to brawl with JBL, but he was just setting him up for an FU. So John may have lost the match, but he definitely came out the winner of the night. John and Rey then got the crowd all pumped up and thanked everyone for coming out.

Other notes:

This was my first house show and I was very impressed by the alternative, if you will, atmosphere that comes with it. The floor and loge area looked to be completely sold out, while the upper level was sporadic.

I showed up to the arena to watch the Superstars arrive from the airport. The Brothers Dudley, Billy Kidman, Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns, John Cena, Teddy Long, Orlando Jordan, Paul Heyman, Hardcore Holly, and Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie all came in while I was waiting.

I also spotted Arn Anderson and Sgt Slaughter both in the parking lot and the arena. (Very exciting as I had never seen them in person before.)

Eddie Guerrero also came in from where I was waiting, but did not seem to be in any mood to deal with the fans, although when it was time for him to wrestle, it was all smiles and laughing. Eddie, I know you haven’t been feeling well in the last few weeks, but could you at least give us a smile when you come to the arena. Even Kurt Angle gave us a smile and wave, and he’s booked as a heel! Sorry, now I’m ranting.