Batgirl # 55 Review

Reviewer: Tim Sheridan
Story Title: Total War

Written by: Dylan Horrocks
Penciled by: Sean Phillips
Inked by: N/A
Colored by: Jason Wright
Lettered by: Nick Napolitano
Editor: Michael Wright
Publisher: DC Comics

This issue seemingly takes place during the same time this week’s Robin does. But by no means is it a wasted issue. We get to see what Batgirl is up to, and hey, that’s always a treat.
I was not a fan of Batgirl when she first showed up. I didn’t think we needed another Bat-hero. But every once in a while, I still check out her book. And of course, with a crossover like this, I have to.

So, this issue wastes no time, and throws us right into the action. There is a real immediacy with Sean Phillips’ art, so every sequence really flows well. Which is what the whole issue is, a series of action sequences. This is a rather quick read, but it works. You follow Batgirl as she goes through different parts of Gotham in this riot/gang war.

Every once in a while, we get a glimpse of what Batman has been up to. And these sequences are rather interesting, because he’s not getting along with Oracle. Oracle (if y’all don’t know) is the woman (a former Batgirl herself) who is basically connected to all of the heroes in the city, and relays information to all of them. Tells them where the hot spots are, lets them know where to go. But I guess Batman and her are having issues here. It’s just a little irritation right now, but you know it’s gonna blow up later.

Anyways, back to the issue. Going along with what is happening over in Robin, we end in a high school with a gunshot finishing off the story. It’s a nice companion piece to Robin, but also stands very well on it’s own.

Once again, we really get a feel for the chaos that is going on in the city. And for the first time, I really am liking this Batgirl. I think it’s because she backtalked to Oracle, and Nightwing doesn’t even do that! I don’t know if Dylan Horrocks is sticking around post-WG, but I hope so. If so, I will be too.