Former Killer Bee Running For Office, Scott Hall And Kevin Nash Updates

The Tampa Tribune has an article about former WWF wrestler B. Brian Blair (the former Killer Bee) running for public office down in Florida. Blair has run for public office in the past and is very committed to his community. The entire article is available here.

Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan will be making an appearance on the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 29th at 9PM. The Rock may also be appearing on the show although at this point he has not been confirmed as being there.

“The Steel Cage” on WBZZ 1010 AM had calls from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (separately) yesterday. Hall was on to discuss how the rumors of his death/incapacitation have been greatly exaggerated but that like several other members of his family he suffers from heart disease and a seizure disorder. Nash was on to plug “The Longest Yard.”

Credit: Dave Scherer,