SD News: Dupree & Kenzo, Heidenreich, JBL/Jordan’s Dave Scherer is reporting that Rene Dupree has some heat with WWE management right now, due to agents not feeling that he, as a heel, is doing his job of carrying matches well enough. He’s also recently been fined for doing the French Tickler dance – which often gets positive crowd reactions – at house shows after being told not to. Speaking of agents, Arn Anderson is getting a good reputation backstage, while Dean Malenko — due to an incident related to the infamous Tajiri/Rhyno Nassau Colleseum match that Vince broke up for being “boring” — is not.

Also according to, Rey Mysterio, Johnny Stamboli and Mark Jindrak were recently fined for being late to the August 22nd house show, where Heidenreich apparently had a “tantrum” following a match with Scotty 2 Hotty that included Heidenreich missing some spots, then screaming and “going nuts” backstage. Management likes his intensity, but this incident may have crossed the line. Time will tell.

Also, continuing a trend that began this month with both RAW and SD, is offering exclusive interviews and other taped segments following each show. Last week, interviews with Kenzo and Dupree discussing teaming up, a Paul Heyman promo about Heidenreich’s upcoming debut, and an interview with JBL and Orlando Jordan can be found here. All superstars are in character. Other past clips which can be seen on include:

From August 12: Booker T discussing his SummerSlam match with Cena and the Full Blooded Italians discussing… archery?

From August 5: Footage of the “Undertoddler” from after SD went off the air, Rey Mysterio in the trainer’s room, and Kurt Angle cutting a promo after his match.