More Live Notes From RAW


Reader Michael LeBlanc posted the following report of what happened on RAW:

I was at Raw in Anaheim tonight and thought I would share some brief notes. I sat about nine rows back from the guard rail on the side opposite the TitanTron. I believe Method Man was a celebrity guest, and sat in the front row about thirty feet to my left. The building looked to be approximately 95% sold out, with only the entire upper section on the hard camera side tarped off.

The Heat matches saw Rodney Mack (with Jazz) defeat Maven in a pretty decent match. Chuck Palumbo defeated a local Anaheim worker in your typical squash match, and Benoit defeated Tyson Tomko (with Trish). This last match featured the finish of Benoit getting six consecutive belly-to-back suplexes (after previously giving him three more) followed by the Crossface.

They air-gunned out Unforgiven t-shirts after the Palumbo match, Lillian sang the National Anthem in her usual great voice, then Raw began!

Nothing particularly interesting happened during the commercial breaks, except Jericho insulted and called out Edge during the second break during their match. The ref gave Edge to the count of ten to get back to the ring (or forfeit the belt), and he made it by about five.

Eugene goofed off more both in the ring and on the outside with fans during that break, and also went back to the broadcast table and hugged JR and King, and even took King’s crown and wore it!

There was a fan sitting directly behind me that was insulting Flair and Regal all throughout their match. Some of it was funny, but after the first two minutes it got to be very disrespectful (in my opinion).

The crowd chanted both “Boring” and “What” during the wedding, which kind of sums up their attitude towards this angle.

After Raw went off the air, they showed Matt getting medical aid on the TitanTron.

Credit: Michael LeBlanc/Buck Woodward,