Injury Updates On Angle, Guerrero, Dudley

Kurt Angle is said to be feeling okay since his return to action from neck pain. He is changing his style to take fewer bumps and to have his matches be more grounded and emphasize storytelling. Everyone in the company realizes that Angle’s neck just can’t take the rigors of the consistent pounding style that he has worked in the past and that he has to change the way he approaches his matches if he wants to prolong his career. This was evident from his match with Eddie Guerrero at Summerslam.

Speaking of Guerrero, his hamstring is said to be feeling better too. He worked some long matches over the weekend with Angle and did not feel any pain.

D-Von Dudley was having issues with elevated blood pressure at the house shows this weekend. He has had problems with his blood pressure in the past.

Credit: Dave Scherer,