Various WWE Tidbits


In a funny note from the Bakersfield show on Sunday, a lot of the guys were laughing at Teddy Long. The Smackdown General Manager did a promo and when he went for the cheap hometown pop, he said the wrong name of the town.

Major League Baseball’s website has an article online where Cincinnati Reds’ 1B Sean Casey said that his dream career would be “a WWF wrestler.” He added, “I’ve always liked wrestling. I don’t think I could do it because I think the pounding they take would be a little bit too much, but if I could guarantee I wouldn’t get hurt or anything, I’d be a pro wrestler.” To read the article, click here.

The Associated Press ran an article yesterday covering WWE’s latest Tough Enough contest. It said that the contest will start in October and run through December.

Credit: Dave Scherer,