Ex Machina #3 Review

Reviewer: Will Cooling
Title: State of Emergency: Pt. 2

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Pencilled by: Tony Harris
Inked by: Tom Feister
Coloured by: JD Mettler
Lettered by: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Ben Abernathy

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press may I first off all thank you all for joining me in these terrible conditions. I’m sure you all have families and radiators (laughs) that you want to get back to so I’ll try my best to keep this short.

Less than four months ago this great city of ours took a huge gamble; this place that we call home elected in Mr. Hundred a complete political novice and amateur to be our Mayor; the person that should there be a repeat of the outrages of a few short months ago we will look to for leadership and guidance. It is my firm conviction that New York is already beginning to pay the price.

Now before I go on may I say that Hundred served admirably on that fateful day when he donned his suit once again and saved the second World Trade Center tower, I have no time for those who point to his already started campaign and say that its was a glorified photo-op or that he exaggerated the extent of his heroism. It was as pure an act of heroism as will ever be in our lifetimes. However, such an act of heroism does not make Hundred a worthy Mayor let alone one beyond all questioning. An hour of heroism and his wider tour of duty is of less importance in judging how he will and has ran this city than such things as the people who he surrounds himself with and the actions he has already taken

Let’s start with his backroom staff and this interesting fact; do you know that in the two weeks he has been Mayor he has had two Chiefs of Staff quit? In addition to that his current and third one has already threatened to quit unless he changes his attitude. I personally believe that you learn a lot from a man by how those who work closest with him see him and the fact that his most senior staff members find him impossible to work with tells you an awful lot don’t you think? Then there’s the mysterious young intern Journal who a couple of days ago went to his private office to give the Mayor some notes (rolls eyes to laughs) only to return an hour later with a promotion to Special Advisor on Youth Affairs. Whilst no one has been able to check whether there were any stains on her dress (more laughs) we do know that Mayor Hundred and his deputy Dave Wylie had a blazing row over the appointment with Wylie lambasting the Mayo’s actions and saying that he refuses to be his “degenerate wingman”.

(Pause. Takes a sip of water)

What does this show you? At best it shows you someone who is completely out of his depth and is already loosing control of his office. At worst it shows you someone who is a thoroughly unpleasant character, falling out with his staff and taking advantage of the position he finds himself in. I mean do we really need a director of “youth affairs”? The young of America want the same things as the old and middle aged of America want and that is a better tomorrow. They want to be allowed to spend more of the money that they work so hard to earn themselves not have the state come and steal it away. They want to live in a nation that is genuinely united and cohesive- One Nation Under God if you will. They want to go out on the streets and not be fearful that the step they are taking will be their last. This is what the youth of America want, not some Art College reject quoting MTV or J Lo.

And what about those three desires I just mentioned; has Mayor Hundred fulfilled them? Well to be blunt no, No, NO! We already know that he’s a big spender; it already looks like the state deficit will double and with such frivolous wastes of money as Youth Advisors that’s no big surprise. And of course when spending goes up then taxes will soon enough follow so taking more of the hard working poor to feed the bohemian rich. We also know that Mayor Hundred is a divider and iconoclast, just look at this disgraceful piece of art he has paid for with your tax dollars (shows picture of the Abe Lincoln “nigger” painting). This disgraceful work not only fetishizes one of the most hurtful and hateful words in American history but slanders and insults one of the greatest Americans in our long story from Pilgrims to Super Power. How Mayor Hundred can sit there and pretend to be a unifier of the people whilst supporting such utter nonsense I do not know. And then there is crime. The Mayo’s most important job is to protect the citizens who placed themselves under his jurisdiction. And what do we see? We find so early into his watch chaos on the words due to the blizzard with the essential ploughing operation being hampered by a Mayor moaning how it coasts “a million bucks for every inch it snows”. No doubt he’s upset that the George Washington “faggot” and the Thomas Jefferson “bitch” paintings have had to be postponed as a result. Add to that the fact that there’s a serial killer on the loose and the recent break in at the Mayo’s official residence and you have a city in chaos.

In Mayor Hundred we have someone with not only no political experience and yet in spite of this lack of experience seems intent on running the city by himself as demagogic as his campaign. The sad fact is that the man who can have conversations with his toaster and Hoover is unable to listen to the desires and needs of the ordinary New Yorker.

I thank you once again for coming out here to hear my comments. I will now take your questions”¦