WWE Becoming Like A ‘Police State’, Note On Chris Nowinski

As previously reported, WWE management has a strict policy that no WWE wrestlers are to get near or even socialize with the Raw Divas candidates in or out of arenas. Management wants to avoid any personal issues causing problems or even legal complications should the winner be involved with a wrestler at the time she wins. Along with the dress code, in-ring rules they’re to follow as far as their match style (making Kurt Angle take less risks for example), and Vince McMahon’s pep talk a couple weeks ago telling wrestlers there is no room for them to ask for any days off until business turns around has led to a feeling in some circles of the locker room that WWE has become a bit of a police state. This will probably affect morale in the locker room.

This Friday at the Minnesota State Fair, Christopher Nowinski appears at 4 p.m. at the secretary of state booth in the Education Building to sign autographs and promote registration and voting as part of the WWE’s “Smackdown Your Vote!” Initiative.

Credit: Wade Keller, PWTorch.com