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Um”¦wasn’t I back last week?

You know I never know if your editing or Ben now. No biggie really. We’ve got some work to do so let’s start this.

Man”¦it was only one week while I was in Chicago, you act like I have Ben filling in for me all the time”¦yeash!

King Boo emails

Hi Jim,

Love the column, I look forward to reading it every week. My question is pretty minor, but has been bugging me for a little bit. Who was the guy in the last story arc of New X-Men that had control over a Sentinal? Was he even a mutant? Do you think he was related somehow to the kid (I think his name was Jason) in Sentinel (a great book that ended too soon)? In talking with a couple of people we all thought it would have been cool to tie them together somehow. Anyway, thanks for the column and keep up the good work.

Why do I think you’re talking about the story Lying with Angels with Archangel and the rest of the team. As far a I know there’s no connection to the kid from Sentinel but I agree it would’ve made a great idea if they did it. Still could if they want.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark (anyone know where that phrase came from? That has to have an interesting history behind it) and say King is referring to the guy in Morrison’s last story arc on New X-Men. I don’t remember seeing any Sentinels in She Lies With Angels. I too thought it as an allusion to McKeeve’s book, but I don’t think it was ever clarified. Anyone out there know”¦anyone”¦buller? – The Overlord

Poet18 emails

Some questions before tourney voting-

1. Was there any reason ever given as to why the Sandman was left out of the 90’s Marvel cartoons? First, he wasn’t in Spider-man, and then he wasn’t in the Frightful Four episode of the FF, and instead Hydro-man was there. I understand that Hydro-man was in the Frightful Four, but not in issues 41-43, which the episode was adapting.

You know that one has always bugged me as well. Sandman was supposed to be in one of the episodes I believe but somehow got scratched. Could have to do something with the DC character but I doubt it really. The old Spidey cartoons had Sandman. Maybe Fox just thought he was lame and didn’t use him. Doesn’t explain the FF thing though. I may just have to ask about this myself.

2. Are Klaw, Swordsman, Radioactive Man,Enchantress, Executioner, and the Melter still around?

Klaw is alive and well. Might be in prison at the moment.

Swordsman I is dead. The second guy is retired and living with Magdalene.

Radioactive Man is alive and well.

Enchantress is on Asgard in Tho’s title at the moment.

Executioner depending on which one likely is dead. The first guy that was a Master of Evil definitely is dead.

Melter is dead as well but there was a Heroes Reborn version who could’ve crossed over some later.

3. Did any of Kurt Busiek’s “Untold Tales of Spider-man” characters make it into the present continuity?

Let’s see: Scorcher, Batwing, Headsman, Commanda, and the Spacemen all haven’t been seen since. The rest where in Spider-Man before that or had been seen in other titles.

Oh, one more question-

I was reading this review of the new Daredevil trade in a newspaper, and the writer said that Jack Kirby co-created Daredevil with Stan Lee. Is this true? I know Jack created a lot of the characters(many on his own), but did he have anything to do with Daredevil?

Actually Bill Everett did the art for Daredevil when he was created. So Bill and Stan co-created DD. Not Jack.

Mordi Jay (MordWa to everyone here) emails

Ha! Really enjoyed the spiel last column on Amalgam”¦ the real pity is that at about the same time, there had been some really cool *!* cross-promotional stories going on, that just kinda got steamrolled by the process. So, Superman/Silver Surfer: GOOD. Batman/Daredevil: GOOD, Bruce Wayne, Agent of Shield: ‘me'”¦

Not all the Amalgams where good as you said. Some of the crossovers weren’t great either but when they did it right they did it right.

Actually, if there’s a couplea lessons that one could choose to learn from all this – apart from the usual one of comic companies taking one good idea and running it into the ground through over exposure (i.e., if the Infinity Gauntlet was good, and the Infinity War was GREAT, then the Infinity Crusade should be- err, terrible, actually *chuckle*) See, you can get some easy cash from the fanbase merely by shuffling the status quo a bit. Live long enough and you’ll see – the natural order of things asserts itself soon enough. That’s why no one ever (except Bucky, and he still turns up in flashback at least 4-5 times a year) stays dead that’s why I don’t get too upset reading say, the touted ‘new’ Avengers line-up. Oh sure, you can’t help but shake your head at it (Wolverine? Spiderwoman AND Luke Cage? In THE AVENGERS?? Man, that’ll last about two issues longer than Bendis does. As soon as he goes, that abortion of a line-up goes with him”¦ ) but really; “Dissembled” is a stunt, just like Amalgam, just like the ‘New Universe’ (*grin* always remember kids”¦ there is no Pittsburgh – betcha nobody remembers THAT story”¦), just like the ‘New’ Fantastic Four. Or ‘Heroes Reborn’. Or Kyle Rayner-

Oops”¦ that’s the other guys, riiight”¦

But”¦ ‘spose I should ask a question, aye? While we talk inter-company crossovers and the like, here’s something I missed the resolution to – Oh Wise Ones, am I correct in remembering that the Cyborg Superman (wait, this IS a Marvel question 🙂 crossed over to the Marvel U., I *think* back in Green Lantern/Silver Surfer. My question: did he ever go back, or is he still lurking back out there in deep space? And if he’s here, who from Marvel went THERE?

Hmm good question. I know Terrax and Thanos where the Marvel villains involved so I’m guessing Terrax went over to DC for a bit at that point. But none of them stayed there. Cyborg Superman according to someone who knows was seen later in PARALLAX: EMERALD NIGHT #1. Also Terrax (if I’m right and he crossed over) was in Silver Surfer again later that year.

Oh yeah Cyborg Supes came back over and OVER and OVER again. – The Overlord

Thanks to all who’ve been adding to the timeline – I’m truly embarrassed that I forgot about the future(s) of Deat’s Head and Deathstroke – BOTH of whom, in this age of Max, Knights, and Ultimates would fit in like the dickens. They’re adult, violent, visually interesting, and”¦ forgotten. Damn. I’d love to see what Warren Ellis could do with either of those two”¦

I think you mean Deathlok not Deathstroke. I could be wrong there though so I’m not worried about it. I know there’s a Deathstroke in Marvel so he could be from the future to.

What”¦there’s a Deathstroke in the Marvel U? When did this happen? – The Overlord

I guess Bendis doesn’t like them. (alright, so maybe I *am* still a leeettle bit upset still about his *cough* *cough* “avengers”. Bah! At least it’ll only annoy me every other month. Anyone else notice how long it’s becoming between issues for his stuff, in particular? Methinks someone’s trying to write too many books”¦ here’s a suggestion: drop a book or two. I could help you pick where to start *cough* *cough* avengers *cough* Or at least get an original idea”¦ *cough*

“Act of Vengance, ver 2.0”, anyone? Bad enough he’s been ripping off Frank Miller’s ‘Born Again’ storyline in DD for the last three years… and he’s just started ripping off the Clone Saga over in USM. Methink a pattern doth emerge, Brian…)


Enough editorialising”¦

Mind you, if we must have a challenge for the week (we must! we must!) here’ tis –

What’s your favourite forgotten character of the Marvel Universe? Guys like Deathstroke. Nomad. Demolition Man (don’t laugh, I actually liked the big lummox). Shang-Chi. Gargoyle. All these guys are just waiting for an A & E biography. Or at least an episode of “Where are they now?” So I put it to you:

Where are they now??

Oh I love this game. Ok not really a game in this form I guess but I do know we made a game out of it when I posted at Wizard World boards.

Deathstroke hasn’t been seen since Captain America 395. He’s likely in the future if he’s from there.

Nomad hasn’t been seen since Thunderbolts 50 under the guise of Scourge. In jail now possibly.

D-Man hasn’t been seen since Avengers # 4 (volume 3) and could be involved in Disassembled.

Shang-Chi hasn’t been seen since his Marvel Knights series Master of Kung Fu # 5. He should be back soon I’ve heard rumors of another possible limited series down the line.

Gargoyle hasn’t been seen since Thunderbolts Annual 2000. He could pop up again unexpectedly.

If anyone else wants to put their two cents on these or wants to ask others email me them.

Pete emails

Dear well informed sirs,

This is a Avengers Disassembled 2-Part Question:

Scott Lang died twice: once in Alias (Wizard Magazine said so) and again in Avengers #500. My questions are:

1. How did Scott die in Alias?

You know I can’t exactly recall how he died there.

A Marvel character was killed twice in less than 2 years by the same writer with no explanation”¦surely this is a joke”¦this could never happen. – The Overlord

2. What issue was it?

Alias 17 I think. I could be wrong.

What, Jim wrong? What is going on this world?!? I think I need a vacation. – The Overlord

3. Was there an attempt to make the first death go away or was it just left to be ignored by fans?

I think it was just forgotten about. Basicly Marvel never explained it atleast.

Thanks a million for the column, and thanks for answering this one has been bugging me (no pun intended) alot.

Glad I could help. – The Overlord

Tobias emails

Dear Mr. Trabold,

My name is Tobias Lane and I have a comment about your site and a question that I need the answer to. My comment is that your column is wonderful and my question is about an early Captain America comic from the eighties.

Thank you for the compliment.

Dear Mr. Trabold “¦ I have a comment about your site. Um, is there anything I should know? – The Overlord

The whole story was about Captain America stumbling across a lab with many characters who are unfinished androids (Thing, Magneto…) and I don’t know what number comic it is. I have been dying to know where I can get this comic.

First this issue was Captain America # 249

Villain involved: Machinesmith

Here’s a link to the issue cover.

There are a few ways to get this issue.

1. You can order it off an online site such as
Mile High Comics
East Coast Comics

2. You can check your local comic shop. The best way to find one near you is to check

Those are the best options and check for other comic selling sites. Even E-Bay could have your book.

Jeff emails

Guys – Enjoy the column a lot and have a quick question for you: In the back-up stories of the final issue of Captain America vol. 3 (issue 50), Cap was apparently killed in an explosion set off by a bunch of very old Nazis I think and then there was a piece where they had a whole bunch of characters give eulogies about Cap (which I thought was particularly dumb seeing how someone like Hawkeye isn’t going to believe that Cap’s dead unless he sees a body – and maybe not even then). As far as I can figure, the next time we saw Cap was in the Dead Man Running mini, with no explanation about why or how he was alive. Did I miss something? Was it all just a terrible dream?

Not a terrible dream but a faked death. Mostly to allow Cap to move over to the Marvel Knights line. Cap faked his death and of course came back in Dead Man Running.

Marvel Villain tournament


1 Kingpin (2)
10 Leader (3)


1 Taskmaster (2)
4 Sabretooth (3)


4 Red Skull (2)
2 Dr Octopus (Otto) (3)


1 Count Nefaria (3)
4 Absorbing Man (2)

One more round after this. We need more votes also so get your friends involved.

Here’s the next round fights:

1 Count Nefaria
10 Leader

2 Dr Octopus (Otto)
4 Sabretooth

You vote the winners. I’m letting you decide so please get involved.

That’s it from me. Hey Daron I hope your in because I’m going to ask how everythings going with whatever?

I think I’m in”¦though if you’re talking about Verizon and there stupid “IN” commercials then I’m definitely not in.

I’m fine. Actually spent most of the day at the shop. 11 books for me. If we need a review guy for a Marvel title I just might have it. Only half kidding. Also once my shop has it’s site up I may plug it just once to help them out.

Um”¦ok. I think it’ll be fine for you to pimp the site as often as you want *cough* *cough* so feel free”¦

I’m going to sign off. Also, we are here every Thursday so keep your eyes open for the Handbook. Also questions and the like can be sent to the email address given. See you all next week. Have a good week. Reporting from the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold.