WWE News: Officials Happy With RAW Rating, Brock Lesnar Might Not Make Team


WWE management is very happy with the rating that the Kane-Lita wedding brought in to WWE, feeling that it was a great payoff number.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Brock Lesnar is on the verge of being cut by the Minnesota Vikings and very well may not even make the practice squad. In the article, even people on the Vikings who were against bringing Lesnar in put over his hard work and talked about how he won them over but apparently it does not look good. In the story, Brock seems to know about his impending doom of not making the team.

Sources close to Lesnar have said that coming back to wrestling is “not even on his radar at this time”.

Pulse reader Dan Hivea also sent in this tidbit about Lesnar

I was watching the Yankees/Indians game tonight and when Travis Hafner from the Indians come to the plate, he comes out to Brock Lesnar’s WWE entrance theme.

Credit: Dave Scherer, PWInsider.com & Dan Hivea