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Welcome to the show! I’m Brad Jennette, former Smackdown and Heat recapper over at 411, and I will be taking over the live coverage duties of Smackdown here on InsidePulse.

WWE Smackdown for August 26th, 2004. Taped from Fresno, California
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for

We start the show with a video recap of the Kurt Angle-Eddie Guererro encounter from last week. Angle ruined Eddie’s low rider by tossing two buckets of white paint on it, in case you didn’t see it last week.

Cole and Tazz hype the second match of the best of five series for the US title between John Cena and Booker T.

Viva La Raza! Eddie’s music hits and he WALKS to the ring obviously upset about what happened to the metal flake paintjob on his low rider. Eddie gets a mic and gives a Fresno shoutout that draws a nice pop. Eddie says Angle ruined his low rider last week. Eddie says he will deface Angle tonight and that he won’t do it wrestling, he wants to fight! Eddie tells Angle to get his *bleep* out here right now. Angle’s music hits, but we get no Angle. Angle’s personal assistant, Luther Reigns, comes out and says “Mr. Vato Loco” would get annihilated by Angle tonight. Angle appears on the Smack-Tron and says he is waiting in the parking lot. Eddie goes after Angle who runs away. Angle hides behind a brown car and when Eddie gets close, he warms Eddie not to touch his car. Eddie grabs a pipe and starts breaking the windows and headlights. Luther attacks Eddie from behind which gives Angle and Luther enough time needed to escape in an SUV. Eddie continues assaulting the car with the pipe when Theodore R. Long runs up. Long asks Eddie what he thinks he’s doing and Eddie say he is just detailing Angle’s car. Long says that the car isn’t Eddie’s, it was HIS! Long calls for security to escort Eddie off the premisis for destroying his ride. Eddie claims he was framed as we go to commercial with Long crying over the smashed up ride.

Brad Jennette: I loved the way Angle played on Eddie’s fury right there and tricked him into getting himself kicked out of the building.

Matthew Michael: I hope Teddy at least gets a new car out of the deal…

Commerical Break.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenzo Suzuki
Kenzo cuts a prematch promo about how he saw Van Dam driving a Japanese car when he should have been driving an American car. Kenzo says he loves America. Kenzo gets carried to the ring as usual but this time RVD meets him at the apron and knocks him off the platform! RVD takes out all of the assistants with kicks and heads into the ring as the match gets underway. Kenzo attacks as RVD rolls in and lands several loud chops. An RVD chant starts up and Kenzo kills it quickly with some more chops and a back elbow. Kenzo hits a high knee lift to the gut and then locks on an abdominal stretch. RVD fights out and lands a kick to the face. RVD springboards off the middle rope and lands a thrust kick. RVD follows it up with a top rope straight kick. RVD drops Kenzo with a bodyslam and follows it up with the split-legged moonsault for out first 2 count. They do a reversal sequence that ends with RVD landing his step over spinkick. RVD goes up top for the ***** frog splash but Dupree appears out of nowhere and RVD jumps on him on the outside! RVD rolls back in only for Kenzo to go for the STO Claw move he does as a finisher. RVD counters to a rollup for the 3! Dupree and Kenzo beat RVD after the bell and finish it with a double brainbuster.
Winner – Rob Van Dam

Brad: Kind of slow and plodding. I did like the nice little double brainbuster Kenzo and Dupree pulled out at the end of the beating.

Back in the lot, Theodore Long is still crying when JBL and Orlando Jordan show up. JBL complains about not having his calls returned. Long is pissed so he makes JBL vs Taker tonight! JBL says he isn’t cleared to wrestle so Long makes it Taker vs Orlando Jordan, but the WWE title is still on the line!

Commerical Break.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Billy Kidman
Kidman starts the match on fire. Kidman takes Chavo down with a headscissors. Kidman follows that with a snapmare. Kidman gets too close to the ropes and Noble distracts him long enough for Chavo to send him shoulder first into the ring post. Chavo works the arm over with some submissions and a nice single arm DDT off a faceplant. Chavo goes back to the arm submissions but Kidman fights out and lands a clothesline. Kidman sends Chavo into the ropes and hits a backbody drop for 2. Kidman hits a nice standing dropkick but sells the arm? Kidman heads up top for the shooting star press but Noble drops him groin first behind the referee’s back. London dives off the steps in a really neat spot to take Noble out of the equation. Chavo grabs London by the hair and gets kicked in the head for his troubles. Kidman hits and UGLY shooting star press (like right onto Chavo’s head with his body) for the 3.
Winner – Billy Kidman

Brad: Man, that was an ugly, ugly, ugly SSP. I’m surprised Chavo only had to spend 1 night in the hospital after that one. From my angle it looked like Kidman’s knees landed on Chavo’s face.

Matthew Michael: Ya know, remember when the only cruiserweights getting on SD were Chavo Classic and Jacqueline, and everyone complained? Uhm, yeah. Now take a look at the CW and TT divisions…

Tazz and Cole hype the WWE title match later tonight.

Commercial break.

A hype video airs for Carlito Carribian Cool. He is shown walking around eating fruit. He sees an old guy and says the guy isn’t cool. So he spits his fruit in the guy’s face! This guy is already my favorite wrestler!

Theodore Long is STILL in the parking lot as his car is being towed. Angle and Luther come back and Long asks if he set it all this up? Angle admits he did but says the car was a piece of junk. Long lets Angle know the car was his and as punishment, he has to face Eddie in a 2 out of 3 falls match next week! Theodore also makes Angle vs. Rey Mysterio for tonight! Luther and Angle start to walk off and Long stops Luther. Long tells him that since he helped make the mess in the parking lot, he can help clean it up. He calls for someone in the back to get Luther a broom so he can “Get Ta Sweepin'”

John Cena walks to the ring and we go to a commercial.

Commercial break.

Match Two in the best of 5 series for the US title: John Cena vs. Booker T
They lockup and Cena gets a rollup out of nowhere for a quick 2. Booker comes right back with a kneelift and some chops. Booker hits a back elbow for 2. Cena tries to fight back with some rights but Booker hits a knee lift followed by a straight forearm to the nose for 2. Booker hits a standing suplex for 2. Cena reverses on a whip and hits a big hiptoss for 2. Cena slugs away with right hands and hits a back elbow for 2. Cena locks in an armbar. Booker fights out and they do a reveral sequence that ends with Booker hitting a superkick for 2. Booker goes to a chinlock which Cena fights out of with a headbutt. Cena hits a shoulderblock, then another for 2. Cena tries a third but gets lowbridged. Booker sends Cena back in, climbs to the top rope and hits a missle dropkick! It gets a close 2. Booker hits a spinkick for 2. Booker goes back to the chinlock. Cena fights out but gets send down with a heel kick for 2. Booker gors back to the chinlock again and turns it to a takedown for 2. Booker locks on a sitting surfboard. Cena powers out with punches but Booker takes him down with a spinebuster for 2. Booker goes back to the sitting surfboard but Cena fights out again. Cena makes the big babyface comeback with a clothesline, back elbow, and diving shoulder takedown for 2. Cena hits a bulldog then the 5 knuckle shuffle for a very close 2. Cena pumps up the kicks and goes for the FU. Booker slips out, hotshots Cena on the turnbuckle and gets a backslide with his feet on the ropes for the 3!
Winner – Booker T. (Series now tied 1-1)

Brad: Personally, I enjoyed this match a lot more then the Summerslam match. A lot of moves from Booker T that I rarely see him do, namely a missle dropkick and that hard spinebuster. Good work from both men even if it was a little slow.

Commercial break.

Josh Matthews is in the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman says he is no longer scared of anyone because he has bought a guard dog to protect him. Heyman calls Heidenreich to the ring. Josh brings up the point that Heyman has a lot of enemies and Josh wonders if Heidenreich will be able to live up to the hype. At this point, Heidenreich punches Josh in the gut a couple of times and hits his backbreaker. Then he slingshots Josh into the ropes and has him bounce back into his knees! He finishes off the assault with a cobra clutch. The entire time, the big lug was screaming his own last name. After the beatdown, Heyman got on the mic and said “that’s not hype, that’s Heidenreich!”

Matthew Michael: Ya know what? He actually looked pretty good out there. Got rid of Little Johnny, and is impressive. And Josh can actually take a good bump! Maybe bringing back Tough Enough isn’t that bad an idea…

Commercial break.

A video airs hyping the return of The Big Show to Smackdown!

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio
Angle starts off by taking Mysterio down and working the mat with various head and facelocks. The work a mat reversal sequence and Angle hits a shoulderblock. They work another headlock takedown with somemore matwork and Angle hits another shoulderblock. Rey hits an armdrag and does Angle’s spin taunt! Angle gets pissed at that and takes Rey down with a delayed double leg suplex. Angle goes back to the matwork but Rey counters with a release Northern Lights suplex. Rey hits a drop toehold and works the mat on Angle! Mysterio grabs a headlock but Angle counters with a back suplex. Rey counters a whip with a springboard headscissors to the floor. Mysterio hits a baseball slide onto Angle as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break.

During the break, we see Angle landed a german suplex to take control. Angle gets a headlock takedown for 2. Angle langs a belly to belly suplex and plays to the crowd. Angle locks in a bearhug(!) but Rey headbutt’s out of it. They do a reversal sequence and Angle lands the SICK release flip german (Rey landed on his stomach) suplex for a long 2. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but it is reversed to an armdrag. Rey hits a split legged moonsault for 2. Rey hits a dropkick for 2. Rey with a spinning headscissors and a drop toehold into the 619 position. Rey goes for the 619 and Angle moves! They do a reversal sequence and Rey armdrags Angle into the ropes and hits the 619! Rey goes for the West Coast Pop but Angle counters to a powerbomb for a long 2! The straps are down baby! Angle Slam attempt is countered into an incredible reverse DDT! 1… 2… NO! A LONG two count. Rey goes up top and Angle follows. Angle goes for a top rope german suplex but Rey knocks him off the top. Rey goes for a rana but Angle sits down on it and gets the 3 count after a great TV match.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Brad: Oh man…. what a great free TV match this was. This was like Rey-Angle circa the Smackdown Six era. I still love Angle even with his new toned down style.

Matthew Michael: Good times. WWE match of the week so far.

Commercial break.

Smackdown rewind: 1999 show with Arnold Schwartzenegger kicking HHH’s ass and toasting beers with Stone Cold!

Raw Rebound: I loved the wedding myself.

Backstage, JBL is freaking out about possibly losing his title. Jordan says he’s knows he’s good, but its the Undertaker. He says he will try his hardest to beat him. JBL pumps Jordan up saying he is a champion. JBL says Jordan may be the underdog, but so was Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Jordan mentions how William Wallace got captured and a tortured and JBL changes the subject. JBL says Jordan is fresh, a blue chipper. He lets Jordan wear the WWE title out to the ring and begs him to bring in back to him. Jordan leaves the room pumped up and JBL says aloud “I am screwed.”

Commercial break.

WWE Title Match: Orlando Jordan (defending for JBL) vs. The Undertaker
The longhorn limo comes out with Orlando wearing the title on his shoulder and JBL in tow. Taker starts off fast with a kneelift. Taker slugs away in the corner but eats a back elbow on a charge. Jordan hits a couple of armdrags and a hiptoss. Taker comes right back with a big boot for 2. Take goes old school then hits a really hard lariat for 2. JBL provides a distraction which is just enough Jordan to take control with some punches. Jordan kicks Taker in the ribs and drops an elbow for 2. Jordan hits a scoop slam followed by a legdrop. Taker comes back with some slugging right hands. Jordan makes his own comeback and attacks Taker in the corner. Taker reverses an irish whip and hits the snake eyes. Jordan gets knocked down hard by another big boot. JBL distacts again and Taker follows him to the floor. Orlando stops him with a baseball slide which gets 2 back inside. Jordan throws some more rights but Taker hits a back elbow. Taker goes for the tombstone but Jordan slips out and hits a flatliner(!!) for 2. Taker no-sells it and does the zombie situp. Taker hits a shoulder tackle and a couple of corner splashes. JBL climbs on the apron and gets knocked off with a right hand from Taker. Taker chokeslams Jordan and follows it up with the tombstone! New champion?! 1…. 2…. NO. JBL pulls the referee out just before the three and draws the DQ giving Taker the win. JBL goes to the announce table and gets Chimmel to announce the title does not change hands via DQ.
Winner via DQ – The Undertaker

Brad: Solid match. Taker sold a lot more then I expected for this kid and Jordan even pulled out some really fun moves like that flatliner. Obviously the seeds are set for the JBL-Taker rematch.

Matthew Michael: What’s this? Taker selling for OJ? What’s next, him passing the torch to a young up-and-comer? I’m glad I’m able to set a good example, giving you the rub, Bradley Jannety…

Taker attacks JBL on the outside. He rips JBL’s neckbrace and halo off and gives him a chokeslam in the ring as the show fades.

End of Show.