Plastic Man #9 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “I love time travel” Erhardt
Story Title: Continuity Bandit Part 2: Abraham Lincoln Must Die!

Edited by: Joey Cavalieri
Everything else by: Kyle Baker
Publisher: DC Comics

So, last issue a woman claiming to be Plastic Man’s wife came knocking on Plas’ door. In tow she had Luke, a child who she claimed was Plas’. But then the Time Trapper appeared as whisked her away into time. He also transported a John Wilkes Booth (disguised as Abraham Lincoln) to the present, thus altering the past. Plas turns to the JLA to help him solve the problem, only to discover a present where slaves were never freed. Yup, all that happened last issue.

This issue begins with Plas, Morgan, Woozy and Booth in a time bubble borrowed from Superboy (a pre Crisis version, sort of.) They run amuck through time, encountering dinosaurs and cowboys. They finally end up in the right time period.

But before they can make things right, Booth tries to escape and gets killed. Undaunted Woozy and Plas vow to continue, until they realize that they don’t have a gun. That leads them to taking the gun from Booth’s corpse.

They end up at Ford’s Theater. Suddenly the Time Trapper reappears. Plas goes to face the foe, leaving Woozy to assassinate the President. Woozy fires and misses. Lincoln attacks and gives Woozy a rousing beating.

Before the Trapper can escape again, Morgan appears and takes him down. They return to the future only to discover that Luke, The Time Trapper and Plas’ wife aren’t who they appear to be. But the best thing is that it all makes sense.

Baker has done a superb job on this title. The writing is some of the sharpest, snappiest, and clever writing around. It’s also playful. And the art compliments they story in every way. The sight of Abraham Lincoln pounding Woozy is hilarious, as is the dinosaur attack on hate crime.