Touch #5 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “Never Can Say Goodbye” Erhardt
Story Title: Broken Connections

Written by: John Francis Moore
Penciled by: We Craig
Inked by: Prentis Rollins
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Colored by: Brian Haberlin & Avalon Studios
Editor: Matt Idelson
Publisher: DC Focus/DC Comics

Last issue, Cooper Santiago got contracted to help squash a problem for a political hopeful; help the candidate’s daughter control her powers. Cooper lived up to his end of the deal. But before Cooper had the chance to capitalize on his success, he, the daughter and a complete stranger were involved in a car accident that trapped them in their vehicle.

This issue begins with Cooper, Larissa, and Jordan at the bottom of Eastern Sierras, having driven off road. Cooper and Jordan are conscious, but Larissa fades in and out of consciousness. “Angry Jenny” Larissa’s energy being, escapes and flies into the night standing the three passengers in their car.

Cooper and Jordan size up their chances for survival, and Cooper realizes that he’s going to have to use his power, of giving other people powers, on Jordan to save both their lives. Meanwhile, Moses Sinclair, Larissa’s father, is trying to woo Cooper’s business partner to his campaign.

Cooper gives Jordan his power, telekinesis. Jordan gets them out of the vehicle. They get to the hospital and Larissa explains that Angry Jenny is going to kill her father. Back at the Sinclair house Angry Jenny bursts in and attacks Moses Sinclair. Jordan, Cooper and Larissa arrive shortly thereafter. Jordan uses his powers to distract Jenny from Sinclair, while Cooper tries to get Larissa to take control of Jenny. Larissa does take control of Jenny, and Jenny dissipates.

It’s a happy ending except that Jordan leaves before Cooper can sign him to a contract. And without Jordan on staff, Cooper’s business is doomed.

Moore creates some realistic dialogue this issue. When Cooper and Jordan were trapped in the vehicle, they “sounded” like normal people. Jordan also seemed to be very believable as a guy who’s down on his luck and desperate. Jordan’s crack about the racist comment was spot on. It’s great writing like this that will make me miss this book all the more two months from now.

Craig and Rollins do a great job with the issue, which almost a quarter of the story takes place upside down. It was way cool to see Cooper’s palms. And they also manage to capture the essence of telekinesis, visually.