WWE News: Chavo Update, Kurt Angle Footage


Continuing the month-long trend of populating WWE.com with exclusive video footage of scenes not shown on the air (even though no such footage was posted on this week’s RAW), WWE has posted updates on Chavo Guerrero’s injury and Kurt Angle on their Web site.

On the main page is this:

This past Thursday on SmackDown!, Billy Kidman delivered a Shooting Star Press onto Chavo Guerrero. On his way down, Kidman’s knee connected with Guerrero’s head, resulting in a serious concussion for Guerrero. As a result, Chavo was held overnight in a Fresno area medical facility for observation and was released the next day.

Click the appropriate speed to view footage of the horrific injury, as well as paramedics attempting to communicate with a knocked out Guerrero during the commercial break:
56k | 100k | 300k

Also, there is a link to an interview with Kurt Angle about his upcoming 2/3 falls match with Eddie Guerrero next week, which can be found under “featured video” on WWE.com.

[Credit: WWE.com]

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