WWE House Show Results – Sydney, Oz – 08.27.04 [Smackdown]


Thanks to InsidePulse reader Troy for these results…

Hey guys. Thought I’d send in the results from the Sydney, Australia Show. And, can I just say, WHOA. Much, much better than people give it credit for. Mind you, it was my first WWE Show so I might be a bit bias. Before the shoe, they showed WWE vignettes, but during most of them all the crowd did was WHOOO. You have no idea how loud it was during the Ric Flair vignette – which is really cool, by the way.

Anyways; Show opened with Torrie welcoming us and introducing Dawn Marie and Teddy Long. Teddy Long basically just hyped the night.

Rob Van Dam and Billy Gunn defeated Rene Dupree and Luther Reigns. Most of the match was RVD chants. Gunn and Reigns actually did look like a promising program if they capitalised on it. Yes, I’m serious too. Not a great match, but good enough to get us all hyped. Kinda seemed just to be RVD’s spots featuring Gunn, Reigns, and Dupree.

Kenzo Susuki defeated Charlie Haas. Man, everyone here loved either Haas or Jackie (Knowing Sydney, most of them loved Haas – he’s pretty good looking let’s not forget). Kenzo’s wife and Jackie got in an argument where Kenzo’s wife threw the white powder in Jackie’s face. When Haas and the Ref were checking on Jackie, Kenzo got a white pole or some pipe or something, couldn’t tell where I was sitting, and hit Haas with it for the victory. Good match.

Heidenreich defeated Funaki. Heidenreich’ll make a good monster character actually. Didn’t f*ck up a move, at least. Basic squash. And Heyman kicks ass, by the way.

Spike Dudley defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the Cruiser Weight Championship. A bit disappointing to not see Chavo, so I hope he comes down next time. Not too bad of a match, but I looked away for a second and didn’t even hear the Ref count the pinfall. Goodish match.

The Under Taker defeated JBL by DQ in a WWE Championship Match. I was the only guy there with a JBL sign, and whenever I chanted “Go JBL” someone else would chant “JBL SUCKS.” For no reason that I know of, Rene Dupree got involved in the match? Mind you, I’ve yet to see Smack Down. But the whole American Patriot and anti-other country alliance with the patriotic French and anti-American . . . What the hell? UT posed with the Title belt afterwards, I’m sure it’ll be on SmackDown. As you’d expect, slow match.

Intermission, right after I got to the line to buy something to eat, Tony Chimmel got right on the mic. They didn’t even have a warning bell or anything….

Kidman and London defeated The Dudley Boys to retain the Tag titles. I soooo wanna see this at No Mercy. Everything seems better on Pay Per View, for some reason. London’s kicks are so cool though. Afterwards, the Duds teased a break up but hugged. Great match.

Teddy Long came back out to recap the series so far in the Booker T and Cena Series.

Booker T defeated John Cena for the Series to become 2 to 1. The biggest two pops of the night so far, seriously. You think Rock or Stone Cold’s entrances seem loud, go see Cena live. Wow. Just as big as reaction when Cena took off his top. And yes, again, I am serious. Decent match.

Eddie Guererro defeated Kurt Angle with Luther Reigns. Man, I’m so glad to have finally been a part of Angle’s “You Suck” chants. Eddie’s entrance was really, really, really loud. Not hard to see why he’s still somewhat the main player even though JBL’s the champion now. Good bits like when Kurt went to whip Eddie, he held onto Angle’s straps. And a bit where Angle dragged Eddie by the hair. Eddie complained to the ref about it. A second later, Eddie did it to Kurt and when Angle complained, Eddie rubbed his bald head. He didn’t do the Both Wrestlers knocked out skit though, even though it takes up a fair bit of his entrance video.

Over all, a really great night. Can’t wait for them to come down next time.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.