Green Lantern #180 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “Poor Kyle” Erhardt
Story Title: Homecoming? Part Five

Written by: Ron Marz
Penciled by: Luke Ross
Inked by: Rodney Ramos
Colored by: Moose Baumann
Lettered by: Jared Fletcher
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Publisher: DC Comics

Ok, so Kyle Rayner has returned to Earth to find; his girlfriend has been hooking up with another guy, the JLA has replaced him, and he doesn’t have an apartment anymore. Then Kyle was attacked by Fatality. Kyle found out that Major Force sent Fatality after him, but when he went to confront Force, fellow G.L. John Stewart stopped him. Which leads us to this issue.

The issue opens up with Kyle pouring his heart out to his mom. He tells her everything that’s happened lately, while she makes him a home cooked meal full of love. He voices his concern that he’s not sure if he still wants to be Green Lantern anymore. She gives him motherly advice. It’s a beautiful moment between a mother and her son. Very touching.

Then Kyle goes off to visit Donna Troy’s gravesite. He opens up to her, and gives the fans a moment that they’ve been waiting for, ever since Donna’s death. After that Kyle visits his first girlfriend, Alex’s grave and we get more of Kyle’s thoughts on the current happenings.

After that Kyle goes off to another place. I won’t say too much more other than when I got to page 16 is yelled “OOH!” Major Force makes an appearance and next issue is a must read issue.

Marz’s has done a fine job of linking his first run on this book to the current and final arc. Many fans complained that the issue was predictable, but I guess I was so caught up that I didn’t really see it coming. Kyle’s convo with his mom was pretty well written, as was his eventual rage. Some fans may not have enjoyed the issue, but I thought that it was pitch perfect.

Ross and Ramos are top form. No only is page #16 one of the most disturbing scenes since the Arkham Asylum hardcover, but in the beginning of the book you can actually watch the progress of breakfast being made. The rage in Kyle’s face is excellent drawn, as the fear that precedes it.