[non-news] InsidePulse Television Is Hiring!

Inside Pulse’s TV Zone is launching in September and this is your chance to write on the internet’s premiere entertainment site! The TV Zone is hiring TV show and DVD reviewers/recappers, vidcappers, and spoiling reporters.

The show reviewers/recappers we are looking for can submit a recap of any show, but be willing to cover it for its entire season. We are looking primarily for shows that air on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays but are open to listening to any show that you want to review. We are currently looking for reviewers/recappers for ER, The Apprentice, The Contender, The Next Great Champ and all non-reality shows.

We are also looking for vidcappers and spoiling reporters. The vidcappers must be able to capture pics from a variety of shows (with an emphasis on reality programs including Survivor, Apprentice, Amazing Race) brand them, and upload them onto Inside Pulse. The spoiling reporters we are looking for have to provide a summary of all the mainstream spoiling information that is available each day and post it onto the newsboard.

Interested parties, please e-mail tvhiring@insidepulse.com with sample articles. Thanks!