The Botterm Dollar In Music #3

I caught like the last twenty minutes of the MTV VMA’s last night solely because I’d been tipped off that Outkast would be closing the show. Man, is that band great or what? They’re about 50 notches above anyone else in hip hop. Ain’t even close, really.

Hello, and welcome to the Botterm Dollar In Music. I don’t really have a lot for you today, but I am going to point you towards our VMA coverage if you’re a pop-culture fag and enjoy reading stuff about MTV music. Once I’m done with that, I’m going to throw the new Jimmy Eat World and Jimmy Buffett albums into a playlist on the iPod and go to bed.

I saw a pretty cool concert the other night. It was a band called The Powerups, and all they did was play Nintendo music. Now, I’d heard about this kind of thing before, but never seen it live before. It was absolutely amazing and fantastic and full of all kinds of geekery, which I truly appreciated.

I got an advance of the new Jimmy Eat World album Futures, and I have to say that it might just be the best album of the year. Bleed American was an amazing album from top to bottom, but I think this one is actually stronger. Pretty much every song is amazing, but I don’t think I would have picked “Pain” to be the first single. I would have gone with “Futures,” but I can understand the need to get something out there that’s a tad on the heavy side for the first single.


<> Elliot has a VMA recap up. It’s formatted all crazy, so just copy and paste the text into Notepad or something if you don’t feel like scrolling three screens to the right.

<> The Friday Music News Bootleg is awesome as usual. Cameron manages to mix Andre 3000, Hooters Wings, and Pu Pu Platters into a solid mess of…something.


1. Jimmy Eat World — Polaris
2. Jimmy Buffett — Coast Of Carolina
3. Beck — Lonesome Tears
4. Nick Drake — Pink Moon
5. Radiant — Do Not Delay


— Weezer’s working on their fifth album and are trying to get it finished by the time Rivers Cuomo starts the fall semester at Harvard. In other great news, Rick Rubin is no longer involved with the production of the Weezer record.

— November 9 is not only the release of Halo 2…it’s the release of a Screaming Trees greatest hits compilation from Epic.

Radiant is back in the studio recording a full length album. The band released “The Sound Of Splitting Atoms” last year and garnered accolades across the world. In other Radiant news, I have a trivia question on my blog concerning the band, and if you’re one of the first three to answer it, you’ll get an invitation to GMail.

That’s all for the week. I’d write more, but I just got back from a five-hour drive and I’m a little on the tired side. I’ll be back later in the week for another column, but stay tuned to the Pulse throughout the week for more content than I could dream of producing.