WWE News: Eddie, Austin, Christian Updates


– Steve Austin’s recent meeting with Vince McMahon was said to be around five minutes, and while it’s possible for Austin to return in an on-air role, PWTorch.com’s Wade Keller is reporting that “a full time, weekly, year-round presence doesn’t appear to be in the cards” since “it’s too difficult to script Austin into weekly shows to his satisfaction without leading fans to expect him inside the ring.” There’s a possibility, however, that Austin may return for one match at a WrestleMania.

– Keller is also reporting that a number of sources within WWE say there is great concern for Eddie Guerrero, who has lately been stressed due to financial issues, low attendance during his title run, and general wear and tear on his body. Matthew Michael note: Hopefully he realizes he’s a huge fan-favorite and accepts that business being down is more about his lack of viable opponents with Brock, Big Show, and Kurt Angle’s sudden post-WrestleMania departures, rather than his abilities.

– Christian and Shelton Benjamin, both coming back from injuries that have kept them off of the air for a few weeks, were in action this weekend at house shows.

[Credit: PWTorch.com]

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