InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 08.30.04
Live from San Fran, Cali
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

This episode is dedicated to Marcin Makulski.

Recap of Orton spitting in HHH’s face.

No intro this week, as Evolution’s music plays.

Triple H, Flair, & Batista come down. HHH says that this is Evolution, and the reason why they are is because of all the work he did. He picked Flair up, and taught him how to be The Nature Boy again. He took Batista, with so much raw power, and gave him the direction. He took Orton, who was supposed to be his successor when he was done, and Orton spit in his face. He tells Orton that he is not done yet. He brought Orton in, and he can take him out. He tells Orton to come out and face his consequences like a man. New Orton music plays, some random guys bring out large covered photos. Orton says that he was hand picked by HHH, but he wants to make sure HHH knows that HHH didn’t exactly lose in this deal. He then pulls the curtain on the first photo, showing Evolution together, with HHH right in the middle. And that all Evo did was provide protection for HHH, and maybe Batista and Flair will figure that out one day. HHH says that Evo is about him, because he started it! Orton then goes on to say that he defeated Benoit all by himself, revealing another photo, without Evolution’s help, something that HHH was never able to do. He then shows the last photo of him spitting in HHH’s face. He says that now that he has his history in check, he will go on down to face HHH like a man, but he is bringing his new friend. He goes behind the last photo, and takes out a Sledgehammer. He makes is way down to the ring, and chases Evo to the floor. He then corners HHH near the steps, and takes a swing, but hits the steps, as HHH runs away through the crowd.

Tonight’s Line-Up:

  • Regal vs. Batista
  • Flair vs. Benoit
  • HHH vs. Eugene (No DQ)


    Bischoff has Orton removed from the building for the rest of the night, but he wants the sledgehammer to stay behind. Orton then drops it on Bischoff’s foot.

    Rhyno & Tajiri vs. La Resistance & The Coach
    La Rez jumps R&T from behind as they come out for the match. Tajiri is taken out, and there is triple teaming on Rhyno the majority of the match. Rhyno fights back a bit, but more triple teaming. Coach gets Rhyno on his own, but Rhyno fights out, and nails the GORE GORE GORE. La Rez gets back in, and takes out Rhyno with the Au Revoir.
    Winners — La Rez & Coach


    Recapping of the Wedding From Hell.

    KANE tells Lita to stay in the back until his back.

    Eugene vs. HHH tonight in a no DQ match.

    Eugene and Regal walking in the hallway. Eugene, who is in SF Giants gear, goes through the day they had yesterday in San Francisco, and that they saw the Giants game. Regal tells Eugene not to come out to the ring”¦Eugene yells OUT! HAHA. Regal then says that he doesn’t want Eugene out there for his match, he wants him to stay in the back where it is safe”¦Eugene yells SAFE!! HAHA. Regal raises his voice, and tells Eugene to listen up. He wants to make sure HHH doesn’t have a chance to take him out.


    WWE Rewind — Flair and Regal both using the brass knucks, but only Regal succeeding for the win.

    William Regal vs. Batista
    Batista manhandles Regal to start. Batista has a full nelson on, and Regal fights out, and starts tossing fists around. Batista fights back, but Regal ducks a clothesline, and goes for a powerslam, but Batista powers out of it. Batista with another clothesline attempt, but Regal nails the powerslam this time. Regal then with a running knee to the temple for 2. When they get up, Batista pops up and nails a huge spinebuster, and goes for a chair. Flair comes down, and hits Regal in the gut while the ref was distracted with Batista’s chair. Batista puts the chair down, and drills Regal with a clothesline for the win.
    Winner — Batista

    Ivory, Linda McMahon, and HBK are LIVE at the Republican Convention. I didn’t care when they were in Boston, and I don’t care now. They want us to vote”¦whatever. They do show Mark Henry there though, and he is still a tubby bitch.


    Stacy Keibler comes out and introduces the last 5 Diva Contestants, and Maria, the last blonde, gets eliminated. She hugs all of them besides Carmella, and then FLIPS HER OFF!!!

    Stacy then says that tonight’s competition will see how they can talk while being in front of a live audience. They will get 30 seconds to trash talk to their fellow contestants. Joy goes first, and she just teases Amy and Christy, but rains down fury on Carmella, saying that she knows SHIT about wrestling. Amy then goes, and teases Joy and Christy a bit, then let’s Carmella have it, telling her she doesn’t give a SHIT about wrestling. Carmella then gets to lash out, but really doesn’t have much to say, except that if she doesn’t win, she hopes that Christy wins. Christy then says that all Joy can do is shake her tits, Amy has a sour puss, and Carmella is a CUM-GUZZELING GUTTER SLUT. WOW!

    KANE forcing Lita to walk with him though the hallways. Trish and Tomko sees them, and Trish says that they are like an old married couple, and that KANE is already taking out the trash. HAHA.


    KANE and Lita come down to the ring, and KANE has a wedding gift for Lita. KANE says that of all the property he owns, he likes Lita the best. He then says that he got some good gifts for the wedding, including an open contract to face anyone he wants at Unforgiven. He then says that Lita gave him the best gift, a womb for his child. So, since Matt is laying up in the hospital, KANE went out and got some others from the Hardy family, and he introduces The Hardy Boyz. 4 Indy guys come on down, and KANE introduces them as Pat, Nat, Rat, and Fat Hardy, and he then defeats them all in a 4 against 1 match. KANE goes to ignite his fire, but Lita comes in and says that since she is KANE’s property, he is also hers. And since they are a union of 2 people, the open contract gift from Bischoff was to the both of them. So, she filled in his opponent for Unforgiven, and it will be Shawn Michaels. KANE is not too pleased.


    Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit
    The ref searches Flair, and finds knucks in his knee pad. Benoit lights up quickly. Benoit nails Flair in the head, and Flair does his dizzy drop, while Benoit mocks him. Flair then fights back, working on Benoit’s knee, then chops away in the corner. Flair picks up Benoit’s foot, and then WHOO’s, but Benoit nails an enzaguri. Benoit then goes for the Swandive, but misses. Both men up, and Benoit nails a Trifecta of Germans, then locks on the Sharpshooter, but Batista comes in, DQing Flair.
    Winner via DQ — Benoit

    Batista then overpowers Benoit, and nails the Batista Bomb (Demon Bomb sounds so much cooler). Looks like Batista vs. Benoit at Unforgiven?

    Edge is the guest on the Highlight Reel tonight.


    Sting of the Night — Edge crotching Jericho on the top rope last week, getting DQed.

    Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
    Jericho says that he wants Edge out there to accept his challenge for a rematch at Unforgiven. Edge comes out, on crutches. JR and King don’t really know why he’s hurt. Edge says that he tore his groin over the weekend, and can’t wrestle at Unforgiven. Edge then says that he beat Jericho in the middle of the ring at SummerSlam. Jericho remembers SummerSlam, that’s were Edge was booed out of his hometown of Toronto. Jericho wonders how he knows that if he turns around, Edge won’t drill him with a crutch. Edge says that he has and MRI to prove his injury, but when he is healthy, Jericho will get the first shot at the belt. They shake hands, and Edge gets out of the ring”¦but CHRISTIAN returns and jumps Jericho from behind. He keeps looking up the ramp at Edge, and then starts to whip Jericho with his belt. Man, I hope Edge runs down and we get a good old fashion ConChairTo. Christian picks up one of the Highlight Reel chairs, and takes it right to Jericho’s face. Edge and Christian continue to lock eyes.


    Trish Status & Gail Kim (w/ Tyson Tomko) vs. Victoria & Nidia
    No Christian? Nidia roughs up Trish to start, but Trish gets the advantage, and tags in Gail Kim. Gail is all over Nidia, and locks on an arm bar. Nidia gets to Victoria, but Trish distracts the ref. They then double team Nidia with a double wrist lock, but Nidia flips out. Nidia gets to Victoria, and Victoria lights up, head butting Trish off the apron. Gail then locks a version of the Figure 4 on Victoria, but the mystery woman (Stevie Richards) comes down, but trips on the ramp, enough to distract Gail Kim, and Victoria rolls her up for the win.
    Winners — Nidia & Victoria


    SmackDown Rebound

  • Angle sets up Eddie into beating up Teddy Long’s car
  • Angle vs. Eddie in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match this week
  • Long making Orlando Jordan defend JBL’s title against UT
  • JBL gets Jordan DQed, and keeps the title
  • UT tears off JBL’s neck brace, and choke slams him

    New Guy Todd with Bischoff. Todd asks about Bischoff’s foot. Bischoff yells at him for it, and says the reason why he called Todd in there was to announce Orton vs. KANE next week.

    Unforgiven Card

  • Orton vs. HHH — World Title
  • Benoit & Regal vs. Batista & Flair
  • KANE vs. HBK


    Triple H vs. Eugene — No DQ
    Eugene comes out, and waves to his fans in SF. HHH jumps him, and gives him some good slugs to the head. HHH charges, but Eugene hits some fireman’s carry takedowns, then locks in a headlock. HHH backs in to a corner, and Eugene lets go, and HHH gives him a right. HHH then drops a knee on Eugene’s crotch, and sends him to the floor. HHH follows, and runs Eugene into the ringsteps. HHH is punching Eugene’s forehead, trying to open it up. Back in the ring, it seems like Eugene is Tarding up, and but HHH sends him to the floor. Eugene lands on his feet, gets right back in, and takes out HHH. He hits an atomic drop, a poke to the eye, then a Rock Bottom. Eugene dances a bit, and goes for a Stunner, giving HHH the double bird, but HHH shoves out of it, and locks on a sleeper. Eugene is out, and HHH nails a Pedigree. HHH doesn’t cover, and he goes outside, and pulls a sledgehammer from under the apron, but it looks like Orton was under there too, and he grabs the sledgehammer. They go back and forth in the ring, and Orton nails the RKO. Batista and Flair run down, and Orton fends them off with the hammer, then puts Eugene over HHH and the pinfall is counted.
    Winner — Eugene

    Show Over.