Pulse Indies Report – 8.31.04 – Results & FRI Shows


NEWS: Texas Wrestling Internet Interviews Ricky Steamboat Wednesday
RESULTS: PWF-NE – 8/27 – North Providence, RI
IWC – 8/28 – Erie, PA
DW – 8/28 – Hemmingford, Quebec
NWA GM – 8/28 – St. Albans, VT
PCW – 8/28 – Middlesboro, KY
FRI SHOWS – 8/27:
DC – Atlanta, GA
NWA CW – Morristown, TN
WOHW – Hudson Falls, NY
WOWV – Whitesville, WV
PW – Salem, OR
NWA BG – Pigeon Roost, KY

Texas Wrestling Internet Interviews Ricky Steamboat Wednesday

Join Texas Wrestling Internet this Wednesday at 7 pm for the first half of their interview with legend Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, as well as their regular coverage of Texas wrestling.

Premiere Wrestling Federation – Northeast results
Fri, 8/27 – North Providence, RI

*PWF NE Heavyweight Title Match: Hiroshi Asai def. champion “Bad Boy” Billy Black (w/ Amber) by DQ
*Nick Logan def. PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight champion Pat Masters in a non-title match
*Evan Siks def. “The Talent” TJ Richter by pin
*Matt/Bryan Logan def. PWF Northeast Tag Team champions Pride (Brian Nunes/Dan Freitas) (w/ PWF Northeast Women’s champion Natalia) & Mayhem Tag Team champion Onyx/Mayhem Junior-Heavyweight champion Kevin Karizma by count out
*Triplelicious (w/ Sean Gorman) def. Kid Mikaze by pin
*Jose Perez/Jason Blade/Ebony Blade def. “Bad Boy” Billy Black/Matt Storm/Kyle Storm (w/ Amber)
*PWF NE Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Bad Boy” Billy Black retained against Jose Perez

Impact Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 8/27 – Anmoore, WV

*Cuban Assassin #2 def. JR Slam via count out
*Hardcore Match: “Psyco” Sean Dahmer def. Ricky Villain & The Southern Brawler
*ICW Southern Title Match: “Mr Sex Appeal” Eric Steel def. Thrillbilly OX via DQ after a reverse decision
*ICW High Stakes Title Match: Spyral def. Sabotage & Unknown
*ICW North American Title Match: “The Aerial Icon” Justin Idol def. Virus
*ICW US Tag Titles Match: The Premiere Players (Daron Smythe/Dash Bennett) def. The Russians (Nikita Allanov/Jason Cage)

International Wrestling Cartel results
Sat, 8/28 – Erie, PA

*Josh Prohibtion def. Jimmy Jacbos
*Petey Williams/Shirely Doe/Dick Cigler def. Eric Xtasy/Glenn Spectre/J-Rocc
*The Wild Cards def. The Gambino Brothers
*IWC Super Indy Title Match: champion Chris Sabin retained against Carlton Kaz
*Janitor def. Nightmare
*John “Fabulous” McChesney def. Matt “M-Dogg20” Cross
*A.J. Styles def. Chris Hero

Dark Woods results
Sat, 8/28 – Hemmingford, Quebec

*Evil Ninja def. Arsenal
*Beef Wellington def. Fred La Mervielle & Big Larry
*Johnny North/Porn Star Juan def. Jose Razalaz/Twiggy
*2.0 def. Alex Price/Player Uno/John Fury
*Kid Kamikaze def. Dan Paysan via pin after a Priceless Shining Wizard
*Kurt Lauderdale def. El Generico by pin after a Dragon Driver through a table
*IWS Heavyweight Title Match: champion Kevin Steen retained against PCO w/ interference from Kurt Lauderdale

NWA Green Mountain results
Sat, 8/28 – St. Albans, VT

*Spazz def. Chambers & Psykita
*Dellamorte def. Miss Deville & Kayla Sparks
*Non-Title, Bullrope Match: The Texas Outlaw def. NWA Green Mountain champion “Sik” Rik Matrix
*Pierre “The Beast” Vachon def. Thornn
*Fronz Roddy def. “Buttery” Bert Williams
*First Blood Match: “The Loose Cannon” Shane Williams def. Jeremy Powers

Premier Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 8/28 – Middlesboro, KY

*Brian Storm def. Kid Flash & Matador
*Punisher vs. Angelo Young went to a double DQ
*Ryan Dookie def. Billy Maverick due to interference by Angelo Young
*Lonewolf Mike Stone def. Tim Lightning via pin
*Team Obscene def. Overkill/Randy Lawless
*Jimmy Golden def. PCW Heavyweight champion Chuck Lee by DQ

Grand Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, GA
Fri, 9/3 – 7 pm

*Rainman vs. Murder-One
*Slim J vs. Azrael
*Brix vs. Justin
*Havoc vs. Mike Pain/K-OSS
*Ice vs. Tommy Ace
*Vanessa Harding/Demo vs. Lexie Fyfe/Little Goldberg
*Tower vs. Vordell Walker
*Venom vs. Traz
*Also featuring Scott Schwartz & more

NWA Championship Wrestling
Am Vets Post 7, Morristown, TN
Fri, 9/3

World Of Hurt Wrestling presents “WOHW SummerFest”
Knights Of Columbus, 188 Main ST, Hudson Falls, NY
Fri, 9/3 – 7 pm

Wrestlers of West Virginia
Brown’s Floor Covering, Whitesville, WV
Fri, 9/3

Portland Wrestling
State Fairgrounds, Salem, OR
Fri, 9/3 – 7:30 pm

NWA Bluegrass
Pigeon Roost, KY
Fri, 9/3