WWE News: Hardy Cousins, Smackdown Your Vote, Fozzy, Brock

– ESPN.com has picked up the Brock Lesnar story on their Minnesota Vikings clubhouse page:

Brock Lesnar won’t be the next big thing in the NFL – at least not this year. The former pro wrestling star who hadn’t played football in nine years, was cut by the Vikings on Aug. 30. Lesnar developed faster than expected and impressed his teammates with hard work. But his lack of football experience — combined with minimal playing time and a groin injury from an April motorcycle accident — were too much to overcome in just one month of training camp. Despite a seven-year, $45 million WWE contract, he decided to pursue a professional football career. On the eve of training camp, Lesnar signed a one-year contract with the Vikings for $230,000, the rookie minimum. “I suggest to him that he should at some point end up in NFL Europe this year and play,” coach Mike Tice said. “Hopefully, that will be as a Viking.”

– The Hardy cousins from last night’s RAW were Shannon Ballard, Shawn Riddick, Lil Nate (Nat) and Skulu/King Adamo/Adamomonster from UPW/Zero-One/Hustle (Fat). [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy will be playing on 9/13 in Seattle after that night’s RAW at Graceland, in an all-ages show. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– Big Show was on MSNBC’s “Hardball” from the Republican Convention. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– Shawn Michaels was on the Fox News Network from the Republican convention. Michaels was pro-Bush, talking about how his father is turned off by John Kerry’s voting record. Later on the station, FNC reporter Sheppard Smith made fun of Ivory and Mark “Sexual Chocolate” Henry being on hand. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]