Steve “Dr. Death” Williams Battling Cancer

Following is a letter written by former Mid-South wrestling promoter Bill Watts, originally posted on and

This is in reference to my dear friend, Steve Williams, who was All-Big Eight while at Oklahoma University on their football team, and also was a 4 time All-American in NCAA wrestling there——-and played pro football, and has wrestled professionally, first for me at Mid-South Sports, and in the latter years, mostly in Japan, where he is a true legend. His ‘heart’ is as big as his body——-which the last time he called, he was ‘down’ to under 214 pound, which is lower than his junior high weight.

But, he now faces the biggest challenge ever………….

Dear friends,

I got a call from Steve Williams (Dr Death Steve Williams of wrestling fame) brother yesterday—–with an update that ‘Doc’ wanted him to call me (along with a few others he listed) to keep us informed.

First, the radiation and chemotherapy has not worked. The cancer has apparently spread. In fact, Steve was having such a difficult time breathing well, they did an emergency tracheotomy (forgive my spelling.)

MD Anderson has examined him again, and established there is no cancer in his lungs——yet—–though they found some pneumonia.

They are fully recommending a laryngectomy (removal of Steve’s voice box) to remove or eradicate the cancer in his voice box.

What a traumatic and emotional war this is!

Steve must face ‘tremendous invasive surgery’ for a ‘chance to live.’

He is just 44 years old.

And the emotion of not being able to talk without a synthesizer——and to no longer be able to wrestle, which has been his life!

All that underlying the ‘battle to live’——to see his daughter grow up, to have his family!

Now, the most wonderful thing in all this ‘cloud of darkness,’ the ‘silver lining’ in this thunderstorm, is that Steve accepted Jesus Christ some time back, and has a strong faith!

He knows where he will spend eternity———–forever with His Lord and Savior!

What a comfort in this dire time——-to know He is not in this alone——-and to know his eternal life is secure in our Lord!

What an additional empowerment to encourage him in this fight for his life here.

Please raise him up in prayer to our Lord.

Your friend,

Bill Watts