RAW Notes: HEAT Matches [Spoilers], Tajiri, Tribute

– Tajiri is working with a sore knee. That would be the reason Rhyno worked most of the match with Coach and La Resistance last night.

– Marcin Makukski, who was remembered at the beginning of Raw last night, was an artist for WWE who died in a motorcycle accident on August 13th.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]

Following are SPOILERS for the upcoming episode of Sunday Night HEAT:


(1) Shelton Benjamin beat Chuck Palumbo in street clothes. Bad.


(1) Rodney Mack (w/Jazz) beat Rosey.

(2) Chris Jericho beat Steven Richards by submission. A jobber came out first and then was told to go back.

(3) Maven defeated that jobber.

[Credit: T. Hunnicutt, PWTorch.com]