Hogan Update: P-Diddy Wrestling Challenge, Car Accident


A recent story at Contact Music referred to an incident that Hulk Hogan was involved in on Friday.

Rapper Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs challenged Hulk Hogan to a wrestling match at a New York gig on Friday but soon backed out as Hogan rushed toward the stage.

Combs soon regretted his offer to fight Hogan, for “$1 million to the winner”.

The entire story can be read here.

Also, Miami’s WSVN channel, while covering the MTV Video Music Awards, mentioned that former WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan was involved in a minor car accident. Since he was at the show with his daughter, it is presumed that Brooke Hogan was also involved.

The side of Hogan’s white limo was hit right in front of the American Airlines Arena, but Hogan got out and offered,

“We’re ok, brother”.

Credit: Contact Music, WSVN Miami