InsidePulse Indies Report 09.02.04


NEWS: Gerweck Report Hotline Interviews Jerelle Clark
RESULTS: Bang – 8/29 – Ocala, FL
FCW – 8/29 – Lower Gornal, England
RWF – 8/29 – Danville, IN
RPW – 8/29 – Moundsville, WV
IZW – 8/31 – Tempe, AZ
SUN SHOWS – 9/5:
HWA – Cincinnati, OH
MPW – Maple Grove, MN
WXW – Bushkill, PA
HW – Allentown, PA
CWA/ACW – Hillsboro, OH

Gerweck Report Hotline Interviews Jerelle Clark

Check out the latest on the Gerweck Report Hotline as they interview “Mr. 630” Jerelle Clark on Option 1 at 212-502-6636.

Bang TV results
Sun, 8/29 – Ocala, FL

*James Gooding III, Esq. def. Bill Apter
*Big Bank Barfield (w/ Jody Peterman) def. Dave Holiday
*Bang Tag Titles Match: “Bad Ass” Christian Bauer/Super Paul def. Yako/Forsaken
*Bang International Title Match: Johnny Magnum def. “Assassin” Aric Dylan
*Bang TV Title Match: Flex Cassidy def. Yako
*Bang European Title Match: Bo Lee def. Simba
*”The Royal Stud” Adam Windsor def. Dory Funk, Jr.

Sun, 8/29 – Lower Gornal, England

*Swift Justice def. British Connection
*Psycho def. Marc Hogan
*Morales vs. Spud went a no contest
*Shelby Beach def. Pippa L’Vinn
*Laken Xander def. A-Star Athlete
*The Party Boyz def. Devil’s Advocate
*”Tomcat” Kev O’Neil def. Spindoctor
*”Wildcat” Robbie Brookside def. “SOTN” Rob Hunter by DQ

Ringside Wrestling Federation results
Sun, 8/29 – Danville, IN

*TVZ (Tom/Troy Van Zant) def. Crazy J/Lotus
*Battle Royal to determine contenders for RPW Heavyweight Title: Gay Guy Lombardo & Marty Graw
*RWF Cruiserweight Title Match: Tiny Tim defeated “Sexy” Shawn Cook, “Bad Boy” Bobby Black and Billy Roc
*RWF Heavyweight Title Match: Marty Graw def. Gay Guy Lombardo via pin
*Itch Coma Weider def. Reno, the Black Pearl by DQ
*Rikishi/Itch Coma Weider def. “Diceman” Ronnie Vegas/Reno, the Black Pearl

Regional Pro Wrestling results
Sun, 8/29 – Moundsville, WV

*Justin Sane (w/ The Fore Fathers) def. Night Train
*RPW Heavyweight Title Match: “Fabulous” John McChesny def. Big Neal the Real Deal (w/ Drew Lazario)
*Carlton Kaz def. Tony Galloway & Jabari
*Stormtrooper def. Nightrain, T-Ranula & New Jack
*Kento Sai def. Slacker Martin
*Jason Cage def. J-Rocc by DQ
*The Fore Fathers (Latin Assasin/Anthony Alexander) (w/ Justin Sane) def. Steve The Teacher/FeetleJuice

Impact Zone Wrestling results
Tues, 8/31 – Tempe, AZ

*Lucha def. Ryan Lynch via pin
*Father Punishment/Adrenelyn def. Sheik Samir
Hussein/Kharma by pin
*”Cowboy” Jack Durango def. Johnny Love via pin
*”Good Guy” Peter Goodman def. Top Gun Talwar by pin
*”Killer” Chris Kole def. IZW Western States
Champion “Triple XXX” Lawrence Tyler by submission in a non-title match
*IWZ Tag Titles Match: “Native Blood” Navajo Warrior/”Shooting Wolf” John Williams def. Team Elite (Mike Nox/Derick Neikirk) by pin

Heartland Wrestling Association
HWA Arena, Cincinnati, OH
Sun, 9/5

Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena, 11760 Justen Circle Ste F, Maple Grove, MN
Sun, 9/5

World Xtreme Wrestling
Fernwood Hotel & Resorts, Bushkill, PA
Sun, 9/5 – 7:30 pm

*Steve Blackman vs. Sugaa
*WXW Heavyweight champion Mana/Samu vs. Jeff “The Future” Coleman/Sinister X
*Super 8 Women’s Tournament Qualifying Match: “Special K” Krissy Vaine vs. Amber O’Neal
*$10,000 Over the Top Battle Royal

Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door

Hardway Wrestling
Allentown Fair, RCN’s Farmerama Theatre, Allentown, PA
Sun, 9/5

CWA/American Championship Wrestling
Highland County Fair, Hillsboro, OH
Sun, 9/5