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WWE Smackdown for September 2nd, 2004. Taped from Sacramento, California
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for

Can You Dig It? Sucka! The current leader in the best of five series for the United States title, Booker T, heads to the ring in street clothes. Booker gets on the mic and says people seem to go out of their way to chant Cena wherever he goes. Booker says he is on his way to completing his personal sweep by winning matches 2 and 3 of the series. They show a clip on the Smack-Tron of Booker winning match 2 last week in Fresno after a hotshot and a backslide with feet on the ropes. They show another clip from match 3 in Sydney, this time with Booker getting the pinfall by rolling through a top rope crossbody and grabbing a handful of shorts. Booker cuts his own rap that ends in his “Can you dig that?” catchphrase. Booker’s rap is interrupted by Rey Mysterio. Mysterio asks Booker if he wants a fight and Booker says he does not. Rey tells Booker he wants Spike Dudley, but if he doesn’t come out, Booker will have to do. Rey gets the crowd to chant “6-1-9” to annoy Booker. This causes Kenzo Suzuki to come out. Kenzo got on the mic and said Rey claims he is from the 619 area code, but since the 619 area code is in the USA and Mysterio isn’t American, he must be a liar. Kenzo compares himself to Tom Cruise but gets attacked from behind by RVD! RVD beats Kenzo down the aisle for a little bit, but then he gets attacked from behind by Rene Dupree. Rene and Kenzo lead the fight to the ring where Mysterio helps his fellow face as Booker conveniently rolls out of the ring. Theodore R. Long comes out with a mic in tow and says he is tired of all these playas who wanna fight without any order. Long says there will be a six man tag RIGHT NOW. It will be Kenzo, Dupree, and Booker T against Rey Mysterio, RVD, and JOHN CENA!

Cena’s music hits and the Doctor walks to the ring as we go to commercial.

Widro: This segment sounded really cool. I wish Smackdown wasn’t preempted for me

Commercial break.

Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree, Booker T. vs Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, John Cena
Cena starts off against Kenzo and he slugs away on the bronze warrior. Cena hits a back elbow then a side suplex. Cena taunts Kenzo but gets distracted long enough by Booker which causes Kenzo to attack him from behind with a clothesline. Booker tags in and pounds away but quickly tags out to Dupree when Cena starts to make a comeback. Dupree comes in gets backdropped by Cena. Cena climbs to the middle rope and hits a double axe handle then makes the tag to RVD. RVD hits a scoop slam and follows it up with his spinning legdrop for 2. RVD and Dupree work a reversal sequence and it ends in a stalemate. RVD tries a monkeyflip in the corner but Dupree counters with a hotshot. Kenzo tags in and hits RVD with a clothesline that gets 2. Booker tags in and hits a heel kick on RVD for another 2. Dupree tags back in and goes to the chinlock. RVD fights out and plants a kick right on Dupree’s face. RVD makes the hot tag to Mysterio. Rey hits Dupree with a seated senton and takes Kenzo out with a dropkick. Rey hits a springboard crossbody and a bulldog on Dupree for 2. Dupree comes back with a big boot on Rey and then the FRENCH TICKLER! Dupree goes for a powerbomb but Rey counters it with a headscissors into the perfect 619 position in the ropes. Booker breaks it up and Cena comes in and clotheslines the US champ over the top, taking them both out of the ring. RVD knocks Dupree down and hits the ***** star frog splash. Kenzo breaks up the three count and takes RVD to the outside. Dupree tries to pull himself up and Rey sees it and hits the 619! Rey drops the dime on Dupree and gets the 1-2-3!
Winners – Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, John Cena

Widro: I’m glad they have Rey back in this upper-mid card world rather than in the cruiserweight division. As much as I loved the crusierweights in WCW, it’s clear WWE doesn’t respect them the same way and Rey is too marketable to be wasted.

Commercial break.

They recap Angle/Eddie 1 from Wrestlemania. Eddie won with a rollup after taking his boot off.

Backstage, Paul Heyman is seen locking a door. Theodore R. Long shows up and says he holds Heyman responsible for Heidenreich’s actions last week. Long says he is giving Heidenreich a $5000 dollar fine. Heyman says his client doesn’t carry that kind of cash. Long says Heyman will have to pay it! Long tells Heyman he is all about the “dolla, dolla.” Heyman says Heidenreich is unpredictable and can’t be controlled. Long tells Heyman that more fines will be coming his way if he doesn’t keep his boy under control.

Some replay footage of last week is shown. Billy Kidman hit Chavo in the temple with his knee and knocked him out cold for a good 5 minutes.

Backstage, Billy Kidman and Paul London are getting ready when Jamie Noble shows up and calls out Kidman about the SSP from last week. Kidman calls the Shooting Star Press the most Dangerous move in wrestling. Noble says Kidman should know that he could have ended Chavo’s career last week. Kidman looks concerned as we go to commercial.

Commercial break.

They show the same promo as last week for Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Billy Kidman and Paul London vs The FBI
London and Nunzio start it off and they do a nice chain wrestling sequence. London gets a dropkick then a really cool double kick to the back of the head from the top rope. Johnny the Bull comes in and lands a big backdrop on London followed by a high kneelift for 2. London hits a high kick but gets caught with a press slam. Stamboli tags out but London gets another kick to escape Nunzio and he makes the hot tag to Kidman. Kidman hits Nunzio with a clothesline and a flying elbow. Stamboli distracts Kidman from the apron, so Kidman dropkicks his knees and Stamboli falls off and hits his face on the apron. Kidman hits neckbreaker on Nunzio for 2. Stamboli gets back in and the faces take him out with a double dropkick. London then flips himself over the top rope onto Stamboli on the outside. Nunzio comes back with a Russian legsweep on Kidman that gets 2. Nunzio tries a whip but Kidman comes back with a dropkick. Kidman pulls Nunzio into position for the shooting star press and climbs the ropes. Kidman hesitates when he gets to the top and eventually gets down without jumping and tags in London. London looks confused and gets caught by a Nunzio backslide for the surprise pin!
Winners – The FBI

After the match, Heidenreich appears out of nowhere and destroys London with his finishing moves. Heidenreich overhears Michael Cole saying bad things about him and he goes after him. Heidenreich chases Cole away until Heyman finally cools him down.

Commercial break.

The Big Show is coming back in 3 weeks!

We cut to Theodore R. Long’s office. He sends a referee to fetch him Heyman about what just happened out in the ring with Heidenreich. The camera then pans over and Torrie Wilson is in the office. She is scared that Big Show is returning after what he tried to do to her last time he was on Smackdown. Long tells Torrie not to worry because Show has a stipulation in his new contract that states Show had to take anger management classes! HAHA!

They show a clip of the Undertaker’s entrance in the new Nintendo Gamecube “Day of Reckoning”

Orlando Jordan vs Charlie Haas
YOUR WWE champion, JBL, is on color commentary and he is his usual hilarious self. They start off with a lot of amateur wrestling matwork with Haas taking a slight advantage. They do a reversal sequence and Orlando gets a double leg takedown. Orlando lays the boots to Haas and chokes him on the ropes. Orlando heads to the top rope but missed a crossbody. Haas gets a suplex for 2. Orlando reverses a whip into the corner but misses a blind charge. Haas hits his “Chris Daniels-like” springboard double axehandle from the top rope for 2. Haas goes for a German suplex but Orlando holds onto the ropes as a counter. Orlando “accidentally” pulls the turnbuckle pad off and then “accidentally” sends Charlie face first into it. Orlando then hits a lame looking reverse Twist of Fate for the 1-2-3.
Winner – Orlando Jordan

After the match, Orlando backs Miss Jackie into the corner as JBL rolls into the ring. JBL slowly rolls up his sleaves and then kills Haas dead with the clothesline from hell.

Ivory, Big Show, and Linda McMahon tell us to Smackdown our Vote.

Commercial break.

They show highlights from the Australian tour. Booker went up 2-1 in the United States title series in case you didn’t know.

The Dudley Boyz vs Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn
Spike slaps Hardcore in the face before the match which causes a Pier Six brawl to break out. Gunn and D-Von officially start and Gunn gets a quick hiptoss for 2. Gunn starts with the right hands but gets tripped up by Bubba. D-Von hits a clothesline and chokes Gunn on the ropes. Bubba tags in and the Dudleyz hit a double clothesline for 2. Bubba drops some elbows and tags in D-Von who…… drops some elbows. Bubba tags back in and they go for a double backdrop but Gunn kicks Bubba in the face and makes the hot tag to Holly. Holly cleans out with punches and clotheslines for all. Holly hits a backdrop on D-Von and a powerslam on Bubba. Holly clotheslines D-Von over the top rope, but walks right into a Bubba spinebuster for 2. Bubba whips Holly into the corner but runs into an elbow. Holly goes up top and hits a front bulldog and covers…. no ref. D-Von has the ref distracted on the opposite apron which allows Spike to sneak in and hit a quick beltshot on Holly. Bubba gets the easy 3 after the nefarious cheating by Spike.
Winners – The Dudley Boyz

Widro: Sure am sad I missed this one.

They show another video recap, this time of Angle/Eddie 2 from Summerslam. Angle won with the anklelock clean in the ring.

Commercial break.

Another video is shown for Carlito Caribbean Cool. This time Carlito takes some old guy’s cellphone and then snaps at him when he tried to ask for it back.

Widro: Remember the Razor Ramon teaser vignettes, when he would throw toothpicks at his chicas? That was classic stuff.

Raw Rebound: All the Orton-Evolution shenanigans are recapped.

Angle and Eddie are both shown walking to the ring. The rubber match of their series is NEXT!

Commercial break.

Smackdown Throwback: The infamous “ring implosion” match between Big Show vs Brock Lesnar.

2/3 Falls Match – Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie comes to the ring in a black lowrider. Angle looks really focused whereas Eddie seems more relaxed and laid back.

They go straight to the matwork and do a matwork sequence all over the ring. Angle breaks clean but then they go right back to the matwork again. Eddie escapes and they go to a test of strength. The knuckle lock goes back and forth for a bit until Eddie breaks it with a drop toehold. They do some more matwork. There are lots of beautiful arm and head takedowns and each guy counters each other’s moves several times. They do a wristlock sequence and Angle pulls Eddie down by his hair. They lock up and Eddie sends Angle into the ropes but gets sent down with a shoulderblock. Angle and Eddie exchange headlock takedowns and go back to the wristlock. Angle AGAIN pulls Eddie down by the hair which Latino Heat doesn’t enjoy. The go back to the wristlock and this time its Eddie cheating as he takes Angle down by the back straps on his singlet. The work a headlock and as Angle tries to shove Eddie away, Eddie holds on with the straps of the singlet! Angle finally breaks out and then decides to counter Eddie’s cheating by pull down the straps. Angle lands some right hands and whips Eddie into the ropes. Eddie counters a backdrop with a sunset flip and pulls Angle’s pants down! Angle quickly pulls them up and bails from the ring, obviously embarrassed and flustered. Angle pulls his straps back up and gets back in the ring. Angle charges Eddie but gets his with a couple of quick armdrags. Eddie goes for a german but Angle hits a mule kick behind the referee’s back to get the advantage back. Eddie recovered rather quickly and gets pissed. Eddie starts unloading right hands on Angle and then kicks him square in the nuts right in front of the referee to draw the automatic DQ!

Commercial break.

We are joined in progess with Eddie laying the boots to Angle in the corner. Eddie tries a whip but Angle reverses it and hits a huge backdrop. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex and plays to the crowd a little bit. Angle lands some big right hands and then hits a suplex for 2. He tries another cover and only gets 2 once again. Angle locks on a sitting bearhug and wrenches it in. Eddie fights out with back elbows and hits a T-Bone suplex. Eddie tries a whip but Angle reverses it and catches him with another overhead belly to belly suplex for 2. Angle lands a front backbreaker for 2. Angle goes to the chinlock but Eddie fights out. Eddie misses a blind charge into the corner and Angle gets the GERMAN GERMAN GERMAN (each time landed a little on his side to protect his neck). Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Eddie rolls out and gets a surprise rollup for the 1-2-3!

Commercial break.

We are once again joined in progess with Angle having the reverse bearhug locked in again. Eddie again elbows out of it but Angle slugs him down with clubbing blows to the back. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Eddie counters (that’s twice) to a headscissors. Both men are down and the referee gets an 8 count before both men are up. Angle and Eddie exchange right hands with Eddie getting the advantage. Eddie takes Angle down with a clothesline and follows it up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Eddie goes for his triple verticals but Angle counters and hits a release german suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Eddie counters (that’s three) to a DDT. Eddie climbs up for the frog splash but Angle recovers and hits the pop up, top rope belly to belly suplex for a 2. Eddie barely escaped with his foot on the ropes. They do a quick reversal sequence and Angle hits the Angle Slam. He covers… 1…2… NO! Literally 2 and 9/10th. Angle locks in the ankle lock but Eddie reaches the ropes. Angle pulls Eddie off the ropes but Eddie somehow is able to pull Angle into the middle turnbuckle! Eddie hits the triple verticals and goes for the frog splash but Luther Reigns suddenly appears on the apron. Eddie dives onto Luther and takes him out of the picture. Eddie climbs BACK up top and tries the frog splash but it misses! Angle gets up and hits his SECOND Angle Slam of the match. Angle TAKES THE STRAPS DOWN and goes to the ankle lock. Eddie tries to make the ropes but Angle pulls him away at the last second. Eddie does the only counter he has left which is to pull Angle off him with his legs. It works but it sends Angle directly into the referee. Eddie gets up and plancha’s himself onto Luther on the outside. Eddie grabs a chair, rolls into the ring, and hits Angle in the ribs and back with it. Luther comes in the ring and he too gets hit in the ribs and back with the steel chair. Eddie then plants the chair on the mat and pretends to be “knocked out” Angle and the referee come to at about the same time and Angle picks up the chair that is right next to him. The referee sees the chair in Angle hand and argues with him about it. Strangely, the referee doesn’t DQ Angle for the chair. Luther grabs another chair from the outside and hits Eddie in the ankle behind the referee’s back. Angle goes immediately into the ankle lock with the heel hook added on for good measure. Eddie is trapped in the middle of the ring and has no choice but to tap out!

Post-match, Luther gets in the ring and lays Eddie out with his neckbreaker finisher while Angle looks on perplexed.

End of Show.