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TNA Impact dark matches for September 2, 2004 taping

Due to the threat of Hurricane Frances the crowd was scary low, so they sat all the fans on the hard camera side of the building.

Match One, refereed by Billy “the Kid” Dalton: Bobby Roode (w/Petey Williams) vs. “Wildcat” Chris Harris (W/”Cowboy” James Storm.) Storm was ringside with a crutch due to his lower back injury that was exasperated last night in AMW’s loss to the Naturals. Williams tried to pull a double switch but Harris was not fooled. Harris hit the Catatonic but Williams pulled Dalton to the floor. Storm attacked Williams but Johnny Devine distracted Harris so Roode could hit a backward clothesline for the win BUT TNA Senior referee Rudy Charles came down and ordered the match restarted and even after mor! e outside interference by Team Canada, Harris hit Roode with the spear for the victory.

Match Two, refereed by Billy “the Kid” Dalton: XXX (“Primetime” Elix Skipper & “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels) vs. Frankie “the Future” Kazarian & Michael Shane (w/Traci Brooks.) Kazarian and Shane look more fluid each week they work a match. The crowd for some strange reason does not like the duo, maybe not cool enough. Shane missed Daniels and hit Kazarian with the superkick. Daniels hit a bookend to set up Skipper for a mid top rope leg drop. Shane took the mic to insult the fans for the lack of attendance while Kazarian ripped a fans’ “the coolest” sign up.

Matches for TV taping to be aired Friday September 3, 2004:

They showed a highlight package from last night’s PPV to begin the show. Like last nights PPV, NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett took to the ring to address hit match with the number one contender Jeff Hardy. Thanks to Jeremy Borash’s encouragement the fans chanted Hardy’s name. Jarrett pretty much gave the same speech he did on the PPV so I will not talk about it. To come back from commercial 3 Live Kru, Kid Kash and Dallas gave their opinion on the upcoming heavyweight title match.

Match Three, refereed by Rudy Charles: 3 Live Kru vs. Alex Shelley, Nosawa and Abyss (w/Goldilocks.) BJ/Konnan tossed Abyss to the floor then threw Shelley into Abyss as Killings hit Nosawa with the scissor kick. As the show went to commercial they once again hinted to Abyss snapping on Goldi and Shelley.

Quick highlights of the “asylum Street Fight” from last night was shown.

Match Four, refereed by Mike Posey: “Notorious K.I.D” Kid Kash (w/Dallas) vs. Kid Romeo. Dallas carried a folding table that had AJ spray painted around a big X. it was over before it started as Kash hit his double underhook piledriver. Dallas then put the table in the ring as Kash came off the top rope and put Romeo through it.

Footage from last night’s World Tag Team title match was shown for the following match.

Match Five, refereed by Rudy Charles: NWA World Tag Team champions the Naturals vs. Shark Boy & D-Ray 3000. D-Ray is over as the comedic talent that he is trying to be but the good feelings were short lived as D-Ray was hit with the Natural Disaster.

Footage of Bobby Roode, Frankie Kazarian, Michael Shane and AJ Styles giving opinions on the World title match.

Match Six, refereed by Mike Posey: Team Canada manager Scott D’amore (w/Team Canada vs. Chasyn Rance. This match was a warmup for D’amore’s match this Wednesday night with Dusty Rhodes. D’amore came wearing a Ric Flair/Rick Rude style robe. Team Canada made Borash read a overhyped card on D’amore’s ring credentials but he showed off his skills(D’amore runs Border City Wrestling and a training school that produced Petey Williams among others.) D’amore hit a moonsault but hit Rance on the legs then hit a DVD into a Michinoku Driver. D’amore trash talked! Rhodes on the mic. After the show went to break Team Canada sang the Canadian national anthem which got huge heat.

Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Goldilocks and Raven gave opinions on the world title match.

Match Seven, refereed by Rudy Charles: “Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. CZW star Adam Flash. This was good but too short as Brown hit the POUNCE (yelled real loud and said long ways.) Brown told Jarrett and Hardy that he was waiting for the winner of their match.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas interviewed Dusty Rhodes about the upcoming PPV match with Scott D’amore where Vince Russo will be the special referee. Before the main event Shane Douglas and Jerry Lynn gave opinions on the match. Jeff Hammond’s “Six Points of Impact” was once again with Elliot Sadler.

Match Eight, refereed by Mike Posey: “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “the Charismatic Enigma” (no not Goldust) Jeff Hardy vs. Elite Guard members Onyx and Hotstuff Hernandez. During the match Vince Russo joined Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary. Good match that saw Hardy hit Onyx with the Swanton bomb to win the match. After the show ended Jimmy Hart came out to thank the fans for coming out and to tell the fans that the Impact tapings will be moving to Tuesday’s beginning Tuesday September 14th.

credit: Alan J. Wojcik

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