InsidePulse’s Sunday Night Heat Report 09.05.04


I’m back! Yeah, like anybody cares.

Before I get onto the Report, I want all to check out and

Also, my Xbox live name is…Raven West, to anybody who wants to get their butts kicked in the …Mech Assault demo. Okay so I dot have many games yet, but m constantly renting, so BEWARE when Halo 2 comes out.

Net peeve of the week: You know, even though I write for the net, there are still a lot of things that I dot like about it. One is that people always look pass politics as long as the guys a good wrestler, but dot if there not. Example, this past thursday, on Smackdown (the show I dot even watch) Kurt Angle beat Eddie Guerrero in 2/3 falls, and it looks to be like Eddie is now gonna be stuck in the midcard with Luther Reigns. While Angle is probably gonna be built up to face the Undertaker for the WWE Championship (which I predict hll win back). Now I dot mind this IF Angle wins, and then jobs the title to Cena, who really needs it BEFORE Wrestlemania. But it just kinda makes me mad that people aret complaining about Angls win over Eddie, when, if HHH was in Angls place, thed be raising hell. Remember, most the criticism over Hunter didt happen until he came back from injury, slower than ever.

Well, thas enough talk, on to the show.

Taped from San Francisco, California
Hosts are Johnathan Coachman & Al Snow

Rodney Mack vs Rosey – The two lockup and Rosey poses, which stops Mack in his tracks (dig that rhyme). The two test strength, and Mack bashes Rosey in the corner. Rodney does some shakin’, but Rosey stops it with a elbow. HOW RUDE! Clothsline gets 1 for Rosey. Ya know, if I were a wrestler, I wouldn’t even waste my time with spots like those. I mean NOBODY bought that as a near fall, and really, is just a transition spot. Scoop slam by Rosey, and he goes for that Peopls Elbow like spot, but Jazz distracts him, and Mack attacks (rhyme #2) the knee. Rosey comes back, but Mack tries to DDT him, which Rosey backdrops out of. Mack into the corner, and Rosey misses a splash, and that somehow allows Rodney to get a DDT for the pin @ 3:11. For whatever reason, Rosey got his shoulder up right after the 3 count, so it looks like Rodney hardly won. It’s a DDT! Why even bother with the new Rosey gimmick if you’re just gonna job him out.

More RNC stuff. Remember kids, VOTE. Is up to you to get Bush out of office, errr, I mean decide the next president. By the way, Big Show’s hair was kinda long there.

By the way, for any of you Gamecube owners, Pikmin 2 is a must.

Recap of the Orton/Evo stuff from monday. Now, I know Orton isn’t Rocky or Austin over, but if he wasn’t over this past monday, then who was?

Jericho(!) is interviewed backstage, and is asked about Christian’s return, but Steven Richards interrupts, and accuses HIM of dressing up in drag. This lead to Jericho saying that the mystery woman wasn’t the first weird looking woman in the WWE, remember Chyna. All this leads to Steven making a match between them. I’m guessing that crowd reaction is fake, as this couldn’t have been in front of the crowd, since Heat is taped before RAW in reality, and they talked about Christian.

Maven vs jobber – The two exchange some wristlocks, and Maven gets some armdrags on the guy who has the HHH sign tatooed on his back. Okay so thay’s probably a west coast choppers symbol, but they sure do look alike. Maven gets a spinning heel kick on the guy who looks like absolutley nothing is going through his head, for 2. Seriously, the guy looks like an android who was programmed to wrestle, at 3/4 speed. Maven into the corner, and the job boy gets a running knee (drawing boos. You know the kind that come from way up in the seats, which is why you can’t see em.) for 2. Maven fights out of the chinlock, and eventually gets a 2nd rope spinning DDT for the win @ 3:05. Well, Duh.

They actually show the diva stuff, better bleeped of course. I actually thought that was entertaining as hell. I mean RAWs rating is TV14, and no 14 year old would be shocked by that, so the parents have nobody to blame but themselves for letting their little kids watch it.

They show the end of the HHH/Eugene match (which Eugene WAS over in. Hear the chants?), and Randy costing Hunter the match.

Chris Jericho vs Steven Richards – Jericho gets an armdrag, as he looks like he had his caffeine tonight. Jericho take him down and gets what Coach says is an ankle lock and Snow says is a toe hold. I’d go with Snow. Chris gets some chops, and a clothesline in the corner. Suplex, and an arrogant cover gets 1. Love that. Stevie comes back with an EYE POKE, but Chris tries to reverse a sunset flip into the Walls. Stevie makes the ropes, so jericho dropkicks him out. Commercial. We’re back and Stevie gets a neckbreaker for 2. Richards gets a bodyscissors, and Jericho fights out, only to get suplexed, and put into a manuever which is refered to as the Rat Trap. Think Camel Clutch mixed with a full nelson. Jericho eventually fights out, but Richards gets Y2J in the ropes, and looks to steel one from Jerichs book, but gets clotheslined instead. Jericho hits that move that he does when somebody’s running, but catches their head, and swings with it. Gets 2. 10 punches into the corner to Stevie, who eventually comes back with a boot for 2(even with his feet on the 2nd rope). Stevie goes for the Stevie T, but Jericho gets an enzuigiri, setting up the 2nd rope spot, which sets up the bulldog, which sets up the Lionsault, which isn’t hit, cuz Steven gets his legs up. Stevie T gets 2, twice. Richards goes for the dropkick, but is turned into the Walls. Richards taps rather quickly @ 12:39. Fun, but still made Richards look like nothing, as Jericho never worked the back, or even legs the whole match. I know, psychology is too much to ask for on Heat.

As for crowd reactions, Jericho hands down got the best authentic reaction, but Rosey seemed to get a okay one as well. Richards was really the only one who got any heat.

Final Thoughts: Well I hope they keep up this superstar stuff, as having Benoit and Jericho in the main event really does help. Though the Jericho match wasn’t as good as the Benoit one. The rest was, you guessed it, the same o crap.
Final Score – **