InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 09.06.04
Live from Texas
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Recap of last weeks Evo and Orton conflict, including Eugene’s victory over HHH.


Bischoff is in the ring, he informs us that the scheduled Eugene vs. HHH match for tonight, will be in a STEEEEEEEEEL CAGE. Bischoff says that no one can help Eugene. He then addresses the issue with Edge’s torn groin. He says that he will be out a minimum of 4 weeks, so the 30 Day Mandatory Defense can’t be honored, so he has striped Edge of the IC Title. Christian comes out and says that he should be the new Champ, and then Jericho comes out and says that they should fight for it. Bischoff makes the match for Unforgiven, but Jericho wants a twist. Bischoff says that they can go at it in a STEEEEEEEEEEL CAGE, but Christian doesn’t like that idea, since he was out for 4 months after the last Cage match they had. Christian then wants a NO COUNT OUT MATCH!! HAHA. Jericho then suggests a Ladder Match, and Bischoff goes for it. Jericho then jumps Christian, and goes to put the Walls on him, but Tomko comes out and saves Christian.


La Resistance, Ric Flair & Batista vs. Rhyno, Tajiri, Chris Benoit & William Regal
Flair and Benoit start. Back and forth, then Tajiri and Greiner tagged in. Tajiri gets a stiff kick in, and goes for a 2 count, but all 3 other heels get in to break it up. 8 Man Melee as they head to commercials.


Regal and Flair going back and forth, Rhyno and Batista in, and Batista DRILLS Rhyno with a spinebuster. Conway in, and he tosses Rhyno around a bit, then tags in Greiner. Greiner stuffs Rhyno in the corner, and distracts the ref, so they can get some 3 on 1 action in on Rhyno. Flair in, and goes toe to toe with Rhyno. Rhyno KOs Flair, but Flair hooks Rhyno’s leg, and tags in Conway. Crowd starts chanting ‘USA, USA’ and here is the conversation that JR and King have.

King: Where is Regal from?
JR: Blackpool, England
King: Benoit?
JR: Canada
King: What about Tajiri?
JR: Japan
King: Well why are they chanting USA then?

Rhyno finally gets to Benoit, and he takes out both member of La Rez, and knocks Evo off the apron. Trifecta of Germans on Conway then Batista, Rhyno with a GORE GORE GORE on Batista. The 6 men not in the match are fighting on the outside, Benoit nails the swandive on Conway and then makes him submit in the Sharpshooter.
Winners — Regal, Tajiri, Benoit, and Rhyno

Recap of the cussing in last weeks Diva Search.


SmackDown! Rebound

  • Recap of Angle defeating Eddie in a best 2 out of 3 falls.
  • Luther takes out Eddie

    New Guy Todd with Orton. Recap of how last week. Orton says that the 3 newest dominate letters on Raw are R-K-O.

    Lita runs into Trish, and Trish talks more trash. Lita just takes it, and says that she can’t wait to see Trish after she has her baby. Trish then turns around into Nidia, and Nidia goes off on her in Spanish. Trish wants her to speak a language she knows, and Nidia slaps her, then dumps a cup of liquid on her.


    Trish Stratus vs. Nidia
    They announce Nidia being from Puerto Rico. Nidia is schooling Trish, and sets her up for the 10 punch count in the corner. Trish reaches up, and looks to have torn off part of Nidia’s top. Nidia tries to fix it, and Trish nails the chin kick for pin.
    Winner – Trish

    Bischoff and HHH talking. HHH says that Eugene will not walk away from tonight’s match.


    Eugene vs. Triple H — Steel Cage
    HHH comes down with his ribs taped up. Eugene is frantic before the match starts, and HHH jumps him to start. Eugene goes nuts already, and pounds HHH down in the corner. Eugene nails a Tornado Punch, and goes to get out the door. HHH stops him, and shuts the door to issue more punishment. Eugene then slams HHH’s head in to cage, and goes to climb out, but HHH crotches Eugene on the top turnbuckle. HHH then grates Eugene’s forehead on the cage, then sets him in the Tree of Woe. Eugene fights back, attacking HHH’s injured ribs, but HHH locks on a sleeper. Eugene runs HHH into the cage, then tries to crawl out, but HHH grabs him again, and nails a Pedigree. HHH goes to leave the cage, but comes back in. He then picks up Eugene, goes to the corner, and grabs Eugene’s arm, and falls off the top rope, with his knee being driven right into the mat. Eugene looks to have separated his shoulder. HHH then walks right out of the ring to win.
    Winner — Triple H

    Medics rush to help Eugene, but HHH comes back in, and slams Eugene’s shoulder in the cage door.


    Coach with Edge. Edge isn’t happy that he got striped of the IC Title. Edge says that Bischoff’s mandatory title defense is only in effect when it’s convenient to him. He also says that Bischoff should stop kissing Evolution’s ass.

    KANE orders Lita to be at ringside for his Title Match with Orton tonight.

    Unforgiven Card:

  • HBK vs. KANE
  • Benoit & Regal vs. Flair & Batista
  • Trish vs. Victoria — Woman’s Title
  • Jericho vs. Christian — IC Title — Ladder Match
  • La Resistance vs. Tajiri & Rhyno — Tag Titles
  • Randy Orton vs. Triple H — World Title


    WWE Rewind — Christian attacking Jericho last week.

    Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko (w/ Christian)
    Jericho quickly gets Tomko in his version of the 619. Jericho then chases off Christian, and Tomko nails a huge side slam. Jericho fights back, but Christian comes out with a ladder and distracts Jericho. Tomko then nails his finisher. He sets Jericho up for the torture rack, then nails a swinging neckbreaker out of it. They will probably call it the Problem Solver.
    Winner — Tomko

    Tomko and Christian beat down Jericho.


    Stacy is in the ring, with a Quarter of a Million Dollars Cash sitting in the ring. The Diva contestants come on down, and, before they eliminate one of them, they will have an arm wrestling tournament. And the winner gets to pour a bucket of Texas Chili over the 3 losers. Christy defeats Amy, Carmella defeats Joy, then Christy defeats Carmella and dumps chili on all 3. Stacy the tells us that last week, the fans eliminated Amy, and Amy leaves. Voting is open now.


    Vignette for the returning Shelton Benjamin. His music is bad. They call him Mr. Benjamin”¦let’s hope that doesn’t stick”¦remember Mr. Hughes?

    Randy Orton (c) vs. KANE (w/ Lita)
    Anyone know who does Orton’s new music? It kind of sounds like Saliva.
    Orton is all nimble around KANE, and getting the best of him. KANE starts to get frustrated, and brings in a chair. Orton sees what is coming, and he gives KANE a low blow, right in front of the ref, and gets DQed.
    Winner via DQ — KANE

    HHH runs out, and motions for the cage to lower, and Bischoff comes out and restarts the match at a cage match.


    We come back, and KANE drives Orton’s face into the cage. KANE is grating Orton’s face in the cage, right in front of HHH. Orton starts slugging back, but KANE nails a big power slam for 2. KANE then big boots Orton’s head into the cage. KANE then puts a neck wrench on Orton, and HHH is screaming for KANE to break his neck. KANE continues to toss Orton around the cage. Orton fights back, grabs KANE, and nails the C+ (according to WCWidro, that was the name that Above Average Mike Sanders called that back/neckbreaker move). KANE is back up, but Orton has a chair, seems like the same one that KANE brought in the ring earlier, and drills KANE”¦really hard. Orton goes to get out of the cage, but HHH grabs the door, but before he can do anything, Orton kicks it in HHH’s face! Orton then drops out to win.
    Winner — Randy Orton

    Flair and Batista come out, and toss Orton back in the ring after a beatdown. Orton gets the chair back, and takes out Batista and Flair. KANE sits up, and Evo starts to surround Orton. Orton tosses the chair at HHH, and hops up the turnbuckle, and gets out of the cage.

    Show Over.

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