SD News: Eddie, Cena Updates [Possible Spoilers]


– John Cena will soon be going to Australia to film his film The Marine. WWE will have a meeting later this week, possibly on Friday, to discuss his upcoming schedule. As things currently stand, he would be able to work around his filming schedule to work pay-per-views and perhaps a special show or so, but as always, WWE may decide to produce an angle that would give him a storyline explanation for his absense.

The following is a potential spoiler based on last night’s Smackdown tapings: Eddie Guerrero was injured during last night’s main event match against Kurt Angle, “going blank” during the match. is reporting that yesterday at the show he seemed like his mind was somewhere else, due to stress related to Eddie losing power in his home during Hurricane Frances. Guerrero has reportedly had other similar episodes, while also fighting nagging injuries. More on this as it is known, and of course we at wish Eddie the best.


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