Rasslin Roundtable: WWE RAW Presents Unforgiven


La Résistance (c) vs. Rhyno & Tajiri – World Tag Team Titles

PK: Rhyno and Tajiri have been after the straps for sometime now, but I don’t think they will get them”¦ever. The Superheroes are coming back, maybe Edge & Christian, and we can’t forget about Flair & Batista. I think that they will build up the tag ranks, and La Rez will be 2004’s version of the Body Donnas.
Winners — La Rez

Eric Szulczewski: I know I should be watching this show more carefully, considering that I do a column on it and all, but I honestly forgot that La Res held the titles. Since I forgot, it’s obvious that “creative” has nothing in store for anything resembling a title change. Grenier gets the mist, but La Res gets the win.
Winners – La Res

Matthew Michael: I already made my picks in Grut’s column last week, and just wrote really long roundtable thoughts out only to lose them. So here’s my quick picks. Time to put the belt on Team ECW with the DVD coming out.
Winners – Tajiri/Rhyno

Raven West: The build’s been kinda back and forth, but I don’t think Rhyno & Tajiri will get the titles from La Resistance, as that slot should be left to Regal & Eugene.
Winners – La Resistance

Jed Shaffer: People like Tajiri cause he’s a crazy little guy who kicks people in the head. And Rhyno is finally starting to get some response (damn slow audience…I’ve been behind him for four years). They’ve been chasing the straps for sometime, and I think they’ll finally get it here.
Winners – Wild Kingdom (one thinks he’s a rhino…one uses a tarantula? Get it? Funny! Ah, forget it)

David Goforth: It’s about time for a title switch, just so the WWE can maintain the illusion of having a competitive tag division
Winner – Rhyno & Tajiri

Gordi Whitelaw: Je pense que Les Résistances ont la vie restante. Leur course avec le championnat devrait être un mois prolongé.
Gagnants – Les Résistances

Hollyric: La Resistance have been tag team champs for over 3 months by now. I think that’s long enough. La Resistance lost the belts last year, so let the tradition continue.
Winner – Rhyno & Tajiri

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Victoria – Woman’s Title

PK: No way Victoria wins, Trish will hold the belt until Lita gives birth”¦maybe we will finally see that it is actually Stevie under the drag.
Winner — Trish

Eric Szulczewski: It all depends which match they want Tomko to interfere in. I’ll say that this one has a surprise quick ending and save the interference for later.
Winner and New Champion — Victoria

Matthew Michael: I don’t care about Trish/Victoria, even though Vic never got her title shot due to Trish’s injury. Stevie-in-drag gonna be there?
Winner — Trish

Raven West: Not very good build for this one, but I think Trish will drop it to Victoria, simply becuz, if she doesn’t lose it to Vic, then who? Stacy? Nidia?
Winner – Victoria

Jed Shaffer: They’re obviously building up to Lita vs. Trish at some point (WM21, I’d wager), but with Lita all expectant and stuff, that leaves Trish without many credible contenders…and ability aside, the face turn has KILLED Victoria’s heat.
Winner – The Future Ex-Mrs. Trish Hyatte

David Goforth: Not enough buildup here to suggest a title switch. The main women’s feud has been Trish vs. Lita. I guess a title switch is possible if Mrs. Kane interferes, but I don’t think that will happen.
Winner – Trish Stratus

Gordi Whitelaw: I sincerely hope that Stevie Richards gets involved and The Problem solver does not. Sadly, it is likely that the inverse will be true.
Winner – Trish Stratus

Hollyric: Trish is really dominant in her role right now, and I don’t see it stopping.
Winner – Trish

Chris Benoit & William Regal vs. Ric Flair & Batista

PK: Well, it seems as they want us to forget Benoit already. I think we will get a new Evo member in this match to give them the win.
Winners – Evolution

Eric Szulczewski: This puppy could be your Match of the Night. All of them know how to carry Batista, and there won’t be too many slip-ups. Flair has his book still on the best-seller list, but Benoit’s got that DVD to promote, so marketing determines the winner.
Winners – Benoit and Regal

Matthew Michael: Dave pins Regal (yes, I’m switching my original thoughts), and Evolution becomes next in line to challenge the new babyface champs.
Winners — Evolution

Raven West: I would have rather had Benoit go one-on-one with Batista, as he’s the one who really needs the rub. Match will probably be pretty good, but I’ve just seen these 4 wrestle each other so many times, that it will probably be pretty dull.
Winner – Ric Flair & Roid Boy

Jed Shaffer: The following match is a very special Foregone Conclusion Match, with a direct apology to Chris Benoit for having to job twice to Randy Orton, should he win!
Winner – The Pillman 2000 reunion tour

David Goforth: The only one with anything to gain in this match is Batista, who could benefit from a pinfall over Benoit, especially to set up a one-on-one feud between the two. Sounds like the most likely scenario to me.
Winners — Flair & Batista

Gordi Whitelaw: I am almost certain that Regal will be Deacon Bombed and pinned while Flair and Benoit are outside the ring.
Winners – Ric Flair & Batista

Hollyric: This is the perfect place for Chris Benoit to be in right now. I mean, it’s not like he was that big of a draw or anything. Batista is the next big star, so I see him pinning somebody that has nothing to lose:
Winner – Ric Flair and Batista

KANE vs. Shawn Michaels

PK: Lita causes KANE to lose, and HBK is victorious in his return.
Winner — HBK

Eric Szulczewski: What’s with the caps still around Kane’s name, PK? You still think he’s in Japan or something? (PK’s note: KANE is when he is evil, Kane is when he’s face”¦it’s your whole Flex/Rocky thing). Since this is an SE match with a revenge factor, you have to go with the storyline here, and the anger that Kane will project toward Lita for sticking him with this should be fun to watch. It’ll be the first fun thing in this angle.
Winner – Shawn Michaels

Matthew Michael: Too early to blow this feud off.
Winner — Kane

Raven West: In my opinion, there is no reason to have this match unless Kane wins. The build has been less than stellar, as they’re saving Shawn Michaels’ return for Unforgiven, as if that’s gonna effect the buyrate or something. Plus, since it’s HBK’s BIG(sarcasm) return, they may have him go over. I thinking (hoping?) not. Match will probably actually be good, though not as good as the Benoit/Kane one.
Winner – Kane

Jed Shaffer: Like Shawn’s doing the job in his comeback. He bumps, he blades, he makes Kane look like a monster, but wife-erference screws Kane in the end. Yippie.
Winner – As my wife likes to call him, Pony-Tail Head

David Goforth: This feud is shockingly cold. I can’t figure out where Shawn Michaels fits into current plans, what with Orton being #1 face. I thought I read somewhere that HBK would play a role in the current pregnancy storyline, but I’m at a loss to predict what that role will be or who’s going to win here. Guess it’s time for a STAB in the dark….
Winner — Shawn Michaels

Gordi Whitelaw: This should either end with HBK winning due to Lita’s interference or with Kane winning due to her interference backfiring. I think that the latter makes for a more compelling story and keeps the feud alive.
Winner — Kane

Hollyric: Michaels has been out for 3 months and needs a big win for his comeback, while Kane could lose thanks to Lita.
Winner – HBK

Chris Jericho vs. Christian – Intercontinental Title – Ladder Match

PK: There is no doubt that these two will pull out all the stops, but what more can these guys do? Time to end this already, it has been going on for about a year now. Although either doesn’t really need the belt, Christian needs it more.
Winner — Christian

Eric Szulczewski: Will Keith shut up about the disgrace to Bret Hart since it’s two Canadians using the gimmick? Or will he blather on and on or make a careless mistake by not giving Benoit/Regal on the DVD the five snowflakes it deserves (I was THERE, Scooter)? Either way, you can’t lose, but this is where Tomko-ference comes into play. Christian with the strap is also the better storyline from an “insufferable champ” standpoint, so let’s go Creepy Little Bastard.
Winner — Christian

Matthew Michael: Jericho win makes him 6 or 7 time champ, depending on how you decipher some of the strange “changes” like when he and Chyna co-held the belt, and when he and RVD switched off a few times during the Bischoff/Austin GM era last year. Let’s give him the win – we can’t have JEFF JARRETT holding the record here. Even though Christian and Edge may have some good, fun, brotherly issues if the CLB wins…
Winner — Jericho

Raven West: I know a lot of people are complaining about this being a ladder match, but I’m looking forward to it. It REALLY could be a **** match, if people look at it as fresh. I mean it’s almost been a year since the last one (RVD/Christian), so that ain’t bad. I think Edge will finally turn full fledged heel here and cost Y2J the match, and reunite E&C.
Winner – Christian

Jed Shaffer: More thrown-together nonsense (see most of the card). Is this a promotion for Christian or a demotion for Y2J? Who knows? Who cares? It’s these two, fighting for the millionth time, this time over a belt neither man really need.
Winner – Y2MillionthICReign

David Goforth: Okay, now this is interesting. You could take Edge’s promo on Monday night as an indication that he’s turning face. But there’s one thing he said that sticks with me, something about having to be in Evolution to get what you needed from Bischoff. See, that could be an indication that Edge will join Evolution, or it could be an indication that he’ll form his own heel faction. And if it’s the latter, then X-ian will almost certainly be a member, one would think. Hmmm. That doesn’t make it any easier to predict a winner, though. I guess Edge’s once and future brother needs the heat more right now.
Winner – X-ian

Gordi Whitelaw: Here’s hoping they don’t try and foist The Problem Solver on us twice in one night. The wrestling fan in me would like to see Jericho win and go on a Savage-style IC run that returns the belt to prominence. The wrestling columnist in me can see that they will probably give Christian the title since Jericho is already over without the strap. I’m going with the fan on this one.
Winner – Chris Jericho

Hollyric: Chris Jericho was the eventual winner in his feud with Christian, so Christian needs to get some heat back with this win. Edge will probably “accidentally” cost Y2J the title.
Winner – Christian

Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H – World Heavyweight Title

PK: We all know how evil HHH is, but he’s not this evil. Orton will drop the belt to HHH eventually, but not for a while.
Winner — Orton

Eric Szulczewski: Not this soon. Despite what certain people are saying, Scooter, the angle is working to an extent. I’m not hopped up on it, but Orton’s trying his damndest to get it over. Since this has to continue until Wrestlemania, we won’t see a title dropped here. Maybe at Survivor Series, but not here.
Winner – Randy Orton

Matthew Michael: Randy needs to keep it. He can lose to HHH at Taboo Tuesday, and then have to “earn” a new title shot by the time Mania 21 comes. But he can’t lose just yet…
Winner — Randy

Raven West: Randy really needs this win for fans to buy into him as a babyface, but he has been dominating the feud, and HHH, unless he wins, usually has his feuds go on for a while, so I’m gonna say Evo interferes, and Randy will at least win by DQ.
Winner – The Buzzkiller

Jed Shaffer: Keith’s bias against Orton is so obvious-and so WRONG-it’s almost hilarious. The crowd is getting into Orton. He’s getting into his role. And, like his face turn, his championship reign needs time to grow on some people (say, until SurSer). So, in the spirit of the long-lost, lamented Jay Bower…H’S WILL DO THE JOB!!!
Winner – “the heatless champion” Randy Orton

David Goforth: I’ve been very pro-Orton in my column, but I have to concede to the Orton bashers: Orton’s face run is not working. He’s coming off as phony. That’s good for heels, but it’s horrible for faces. I don’t think Vince McMahon is ready to call off the Orton face push just yet, though. A protracted struggle with HHH might give fans something to rally behind, so long as we’re given a reason to think that Orton might actually win in the end. Whatever they do, I don’t see Orton keeping the belt much longer. If he doesn’t lose the belt at Unforgiven, expect him to lose it by the Tuesday PPV in October at the very latest.
Winner – HHH

Gordi Whitelaw: I think that it would make the most sense to have Orton lose the strap cheaply here, finish the PPV on a high note with him getting some kind of revenge, and let fan sympathy and face reactions unfold naturally as he chases the title. I don’t think that is what will happen, however. I think that Orton will retain by DQ or Count Out, further damaging his status in the eyes of the fans.
Winner – Randy Orton

Hollyric: It would be way too soon for Orton to lose the title, so forget about that. And there is no way HHH is losing cleanly, at least not yet. I smell a DQ.
Winner: No contest

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