InsidePulse’s Live WWE Unforgiven Coverage


WWE Unforgiven PPV Report
Announcers are JR and the King
Report by Widro

Live coverage begins shortly after 8PM Eastern!

Ric Flair and Batista vs. Chris Benoit and William Regal
Back and forth match for about 20 minutes. End comes with Benoit getting a Crossface on Flair and Flair taps.
Winners: Chris Benoit and William Regal

Trish, Christian and Tyson walk backstage and bicker about who’s problem solver Tyson is.

Widro: It’s a shame to see Benoit from World Champ to curtain jerker.

Matthew Michael: Yeah but it will be great to see Benoit vs Flair on the next PPV

WWE Woman’s Title
Trish Stratus (c) w/Tyson Tomko vs. Victoria
Spirited 8 minute match with some Tomko distractions. End comes when Victoria does a cross body onto Tomko on the floor, Tomko chases Victoria back into the ring. She is distracted, Trish hits the Stratusfaction for the win.
Winner and still champ: Trish

After the match Tomko and Trish go to double team Victoria and The Woman in Drag comes down for the save.

Tomko grabs the mic and calls back the Mystery Woman for an impromptu match.

Tyson Tomko vs. The Mystery Woman
Tomko beats down the Woman and pulls off the clothes. And now we see it’s Stevie Richards. Richards has a bra and panties. Boring chant as Tomko just beats down Richards for a seeming eternity. Richards does a brief comeback. Tomko finishes him off after a while.
Winner: Tomko


Matthew Michael: This went way too long…

WWE Intercontinental Title
Ladder Match
Christian vs. Chris Jericho
Back and forth brawling. Christian hits an Unprettier on the floor. Christian does the first SLOW CLIMB and Jericho stops it. Christian almost wins on a SLOW CLIMB but Jericho flips him a double bird and Christian comes back down. Christian hangs from the ladder at one point but Jericho knocks him off. Dueling ladders and both on top. Bulldog by Jericho on Christian. Jericho goes back up the ladder and grabs the title.
Winner: Jericho

JR promos No Mercy.

Lita gives a promo backstage. Kane comes over and says the match with HBK will be no DQ.

Jericho cuts a promo with Coach about being happy to be the champ. Edge comes over and they bicker a bit.

Kane w/Lita vs. Shawn Michaels
Brawling moves quickly to the floor. Kane clears off the Spanish Announce Table to a nice pop. Awkward bodyslam onto the table by Kane on HBK. Ouch. Suplex breaks the table on the second shot and Kane is in full control of HBK. Back into the ring for some beatings by Kane. HBK with an offensive sequence. Nice spot with both down, then Kane sits up and HBK nips up. HBK tunes up Sweet Chin Music and Kane gets a big boot. HBK has a chair and whacks Kane in the face. End is a Sweet Chin Music out of no where for a pin.
Winner: HBK

Widro: That really came out of no where
Matthew Michael: I liked it – match of the night so far…

Triple H promo backstage.

WWE Tag Titles
La Resistance (c) vs. Tajiri and Rhyno
Typical tag match. End sees Tajiri use the flagpoll but La Rez uses it on Rhyno for the pin.
Winners: La Resistance

Widro: This main event will make or break it
Matthew Michael: Thumsb in the middle so far.

WWE World Title
Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H
Slow deliberate match with submissions both way. Triple H works on the leg extensively and Randy sells. RKO by Randy. Ref knocked out and Flair and Batista come down. Flair has a chair, RKO for Flair. Low blow on Batista. HHH has the chair and hits Randy unprotected in the face. ouch. HHH picks up Orton for a pedigree on the chair for the pin and the title after about a 25 minute match.
Winner and new champ: HHH

Widro: I kinda like this idea. Now they can push off the rematch until WM21, with HHH making Orton go through the other members of Evolution and possibly the Royal Rumble. Now that Orton is established as a World champ, they can put him on a quest for the title.

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